The Seven Pillars of becoming a Mindful Leader

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Before you can effectively implement Mindful Leadership in your organization, or helping others becoming Mindful Leaders, you need to have a minimum level of present awareness and also have accumulated sufficient knowledge & experience in mindful leadership topics.

I refer to this foundation of awareness and knowledge as the “Seven Pillars of Mindful Leadership”.

Organizing the different aspects and dimensions of mindful leadership into this framework has helped me to better structure my personal and leadership growth.

For example, each pillar has a clear purpose and focus area, along with

- specific challenges to be addressed and growth goals to be reached

- helpful resources, knowledge, and information that can be assimilated

- a variety of tools, techniques, and methodologies to practise and improve

- the expertise of subject experts can be aligned with different pillars

- clear performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to measure and track progress

These Seven Pillars of Mindful Leadership comprise the following important prerequisites and dimensions of growth:

1) Consciousness Growth & Mindset Shift

2) The Mind - Clean-up and Upgrade

3) Toward Conscious Decisions

4) Cultivating your “forgotten” Qualities

5) Connecting with Yourself - Clarity on Purpose and your Mission

6) New Leadership - Living the 12 Mindful Leadership Principles

7) New Workplace Transformation - Toward a Conscious Business

Here are the Seven Pillars in more detail: