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The Mindful Leader for Organizations

Upgrade Leadership to Shape a New Workplace

Mind Management Impact on Organizations

It all starts with the leader … 


For that reason, the approach we are suggesting is to optimally support your leadership team within the organization so that they have the proper resources to upgrade their mind, body, and assist them in their journey of defining their own unique leadership style using mindful leadership principles as guidance. 


The Mindful Leader has pioneered the area of conscious leadership in the past years, and several effective training programs for leaders have emerged. Those were constantly refined and tweaked based on feedback while working with leaders in global organizations or startups. 


As a result, we are announcing a new program for organizations based on our successful training platform Mindful Tech Leaders, which we rolled out in 2018. The platform uses state of the art technology and comprises all relevant features to facilitate communication and collaboration with like-minded leaders and participants. 

To setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone

A Training Plattform that Delivers Results

It contains our effective trainings for

  1. Measurable Mindfulness: 10x Presence & Self-Awareness

  2. Mind-Management: Toward a High-Performance Mindset 

  3. Biohacking: Double your Resilience & Energy Levels 

  4. Leadership Mastery: Implementing the Mindfulness Leadership Principles to shape a New Workplace


In addition, each training could be supported through regular group-coaching sessions or Q&A meetings offered personally by Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. (or other subject experts) - this ensures that questions will be addressed and participants don’t get stuck and advance fast. 

The platform contains a rich set of state-of-the-art community features, and participants can communicate and collaborate with each other.


One of the primary benefits is that the community spans across company boundaries, and participants are a global business and tech leaders across different industries and geographies. Through this rich level of diversity, there are plenty of opportunities to network and mastermind with like-minded leaders and professionals.


Nevertheless, the platform also allows to set up private groups that can be used to discuss and focus on company internals if needed. Moderators can be added to post company-specific topics and allow collaboration on those in a distributed manner. Special events can also be managed and coordinated.

In addition, there are several topics of interest to the broader community. A few examples are: 

  • Stress Management & Resilience

  • Setting up a formal Meditation Practise

  • Various Aspects of Mind-Management

  • Increasing your Level of Present Awareness 

  • Conquering Fear

  • Mindful Tech Leadership - Best Practises 

  • Shaping a new Workplace 

  • Developing your personal Leadership Style

  • Conscious Media Usage

  • Deep Innovation in Tech 

  • Holistic Product Management in Tech 

  • Human Centered Design and UX in Tech

  • Responsible Machine Learning and AI 

  • Mindful Meeting Culture

Several leaders have been participating in the training in the past years. Here is some of their feedback: 


Felix Eichler

CTO & Co-Founder @ Userlane

The “10x Presence and Self-Awareness” training helped me to build up a higher level of awareness and it changed my life. The Mindful Leader’s courses on mindful tech leadership are still inspiring me to this day. It combines data and science-driven approaches, helps to build powerful habits, and enables you to be a more empathetic leader.


Ivan Miletic

CTO & Co-Founder @ Zizooboats GmbH

The Mindful Leadership Training, has noticeably improved me in areas of resilience, decision making and focus. Being new to this topic, I appreciated the very structured and scientific approach. More importantly however, has made me a better tech leader via sparring sessions and leadership training with Reiner Kraft, PhD, by conveying his vast experience. Reiner has helped me scale a tech. organization with best practices, new methodologies, and at the end of the day, great guidance and advice. I super appreciate working with him…

Interested in exploring how The Mindful Leader - Learning Platform can be used to support leadership growth in your organization? 


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Testimonials from Leaders

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