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The Challenge is big and requires your help:

There are around 200+ million businesses in the world, with an estimated 10+ million leaders, most of which are ignorant to the benefits of conscious leading and compassion.


Imagine if most of these leaders would embrace mindful leadership to transform their companies!


This would raise global consciousness significantly on this planet!

This can't be done alone or in isolation, and requires collaboration and serious commitment.


For this reason I have created the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders.


Together we embark on a powerful mission to change the global business landscape, step by step, each of us in their own personal and unique way - but with the common intent of elevating leadership to the next level.   

Let me tell you the truth right at the beginning: 


You won't become a Mindful Leader over night by visiting a seminar, workshop, or reading a blog. It is a lengthy process and serious commitment to your personal growth, which will span over many years.


When talking with other leaders who are on this path I estimate that it will take about 3-4 years for you to become a Mindful Leader, live mindful leadership by example, and have instilled the 12 Mindful Leadership Principles as your default way of working.  

The Fellowship of Mindful Leaders


Becoming a Mindful Leader is a journey, and takes many years of mastering the 7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership


It requires a serious commitment on

- your time 

- your resources

as well as


- openess

- curiosity

- and the courage to go deep inside yourself beyond the traditional thinking and limitations of your mind. 

As a foundation it requires a rigorous and consistent training of your mind, to elevate your level of consciousness (LOC).

  • During your journey you will be growing personally and as as a leader, as your consciousness expands 

  • You will be able to increase your self awareness and improve the quality of your decisions

  • As you are strongly connected to your intuition, you will be able to apply Deep Innovation

  • You will become more stress resilient amidst daily distractions

  • Your ability to focus on the essential will increase 

  • The collaboration in your organization will be based on the principles of unity, which results in a higher output and a greater quality of your results 

For this purpose I had the idea of creating a Fellowship of Mindful Leaders.


Together with other likeminded leaders we embark on a powerful mission to change the business landscape on this planet.

Furthermore, other mindfulness & leadership coaches / experts will be joining the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders, as we need to increase diversity in our abilities to complement & strengthen each other.  

Diversity is a key value of the Fellowship, as in my experience it allows us to complement and support our strengths nicely. 

The Fellowship is there for you to support you in your personal growth during this journey, and that you have the opportunity to mastermind and connect with your fellow Mindful Leaders and subject experts. 

Apply for the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders!

As you're reading these lines something has drawn you to this topic. You are probably ready to take action and do the next step. 

To join the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders simply apply by filling out the form below and submit it.


There are no fees or costs for admission to the fellowship. 


However, I said becoming a Mindful Leader requires some of your time, resources, and a strong commitment on personal growth

Filling out the application form is the first step to demonstrate this commitment.

For those of you not ready yet, it is ok to come back and do it at later point (or never).  

I will review each application thoroughly. There is no formal criteria on acceptance. You just have to be ready to take the first step and have an earnest interest in the topic of mindful leadership and personal growth!

I will take the time to meet with you in person or over phone/video, and we will have a short get-to-know meeting. 

Going forward we will have casual and occasional get-to-togethers with the Fellowship, mastermind events, and other opportunities to connect.

Together we will organize and evolve the Fellowship. There are no limits on how we can grow together. 

I'm also working on a 2-3 year "Becoming a Mindful Leader" program to assist you with the right resources and support on your journey to becoming a Mindful Leader. Currently I offer a one-day getting-started seminar on Mindful Leadership, as well as a more in-depth Incubate & Accelerate Workshop over a weekend



"This is your journey, and you need to take ownership on your own personal growth!" 

Research has shown that your chances of success are increasing if you surround yourself with a supporting community.

Joining the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders therefore could be a helpful step to have the right support and community of likeminded Mindful Leaders.   




Apply to Join

The Fellowship of Mindful Leaders


Simply fill out the form below and submit. I will review it quickly and get back to you. 


Once accepted to The Fellowship of Mindful Leaders, I will connect you to other fellow Mindful Leaders, so that you have a chance to expand your network, mastermind, and contribute to the fellowship with your experience and unique abilities. 

There will also be a closed LinkedIn group exclusively for the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders to connect and exchange ideas. 


The Fellowship of Mindful Leaders

Member Directory


Once you are accepted into the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders your Profile will be added here: 


Christoph Ahrendt

Team Lead Business Development

Zalando, Berlin



Learn & grow & inspire together with others who are on a similar path.

On LinkedIn 


Masood Ghasemzadeh

QA Chapter Lead

GameDuell Gmbh, Berlin



I am very new to leadership, i work with a team size of 6 people with different backgrounds and faced very new challenges for the first time in my life. In this context, i would like to know myself more and lear how to deal with difficult situations with minimum damage to myself and others. I would like to know read more about this program and also hear other leaders experiences.

On LinkedIn


Atul Agarwal

Customer obsessed, commercially focused & data driven e-commerce Product Manager



To Mentor, inspire and help people succeed through mindful leadership

On LinkedIn


Mahlet Sebsibe Haile

Founder of sharing kindness Hub, Founder of AddisAbaba Peace Club of Ethiopia Peace rebel+ at World Peace initiative



I want to spread and add creativity in my project and building up capabilities through understanding

On LinkedIn


Ankur Kaul

Senior Manager - Innovation


I believe someone becomes a true leader when they can put their mission / purpose ahead of themselves. And this is a journey I want to take with other like minded people and solve some really big challenges which the world faces today.

On LinkedIn


Athanasios Kostopoulos

Cloud Infrastructure and Kubernetes Consultant


To be a catalyst for the change i want to see in a workplace


On LinkedIn


Uttam Kumar

Tech Lead at YUNAR by Ambidexter, Berlin



On LinkedIn 


Matthias Kreuzberg

Mindful Leadership Coach & Trainer

Nature Bright, Jena



Nature Bright stands for experience-oriented mindful leadership coaching and training for top executives. 

On LinkedIn


Mandie Bienek

Founding Executive Director @ PRESS FACTORY // Founding Board Member @ FASHION COUNCIL Germany



I would like to accelerate my personal growth to tap more into my intuition and powers, thereby gaining a better understanding of my talent, and leverage my potential.

On LinkedIn


Ute Zahn

CEO bei ANDigital - Influencer & Social Media Marketing



On LinkedIn


Sohaila Ouffata

BMW i Ventures Europe | Technology Evangelista | Startup Mentor | Keynote Speaker


- Connection
- Inspiration 
- Creation


On LinkedIn


Markus Koenig

Venture Development Expert with strong drive towards results


I strive for leadership excellence and Personal Growth to positively impact the world


On LinkedIn

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