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The Challenge is significant and requires your help:

There are more than 2+ million technology organizations, and IT services companies globally, with an estimated 200.000+ tech leaders, most of whom are ignorant to the benefits of conscious leading and compassion.


Imagine if most of these leaders would embrace mindful leadership to transform their companies.


This would raise global consciousness significantly on this planet!

This can't be done alone or in isolation and requires collaboration and serious commitment.


For this reason I have created the Mindful Tech Leaders community. 

Together we embark on a powerful mission and quest to change the global business and technology landscape, step by step, each of us in their own personal and unique way - but with the common intent of elevating leadership to the next level.    

Introducing the Mindful Tech Leaders Community

Becoming a Mindful Tech Leader is a journey, and takes many years of mastering the 7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership


To become a Mindful Technology Leader and achieve mastery in New Leadership to transform the business world toward a New Workplace, it requires a serious commitment on your time and resources, as well as a certain level of openness and curiosity

"It also requires the courage to go deep inside yourself beyond the traditional thinking and limitations of your mind." 

As a foundation it requires a rigorous and consistent training of your mind, to elevate your level of consciousness (LOC).

  • During your journey you will be growing personally and as as a leader, as your consciousness expands 

  • You will be able to increase your self awareness and improve the quality of your decisions

  • As you are strongly connected to your intuition, you will be able to apply Deep Innovation

  • You will become more stress resilient amidst daily turmoil and distractions

  • Your ability to focus on the essential will increase 

  • The collaboration in your organization will be based on the principles of unity, which results in a higher output and a greater quality of your results 

You can't do this alone or on isolation.


Research has shown that you are more successful in your personal and leadership growth if you surround yourself with a community of support


For this purpose I had the idea of creating a Mindful Tech Leaders community.

Together with other likeminded leaders who are passionate about technology we embark on a powerful mission to change the business landscape on this planet.

Furthermore, other mindfulness & leadership coaches / experts will be joining the Mindful Tech Leaders, as we need to increase diversity in our abilities to complement & strengthen each other. This can happen through knowledge exchange, training, master-minding, or coaching.

Diversity is a key value of the community, as in my experience it allows us to complement and support our strengths nicely. 

The Mindful Tech Leader community is there for you to support you in your personal growth during this journey, and that you have the opportunity to mastermind and connect with your fellow Mindful Tech Leaders and subject experts. 

Sign up for the Mindful Tech Leaders community!

We have moved to our new community web site:

The Fellowship of Mindful Tech Leaders

The Fellowship of Mindful Tech Leaders

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Let me tell you the truth right at the beginning: 

You won't become a Mindful Tech Leader over night by visiting a seminar, workshop, or reading a blog. It is a lengthy process and serious commitment to your personal growth, which will span over many years.

- Reiner Kraft, Ph.D.

When talking with other tech leaders who are on this path I estimate that it will take about 3-4 years for you to become a Mindful Technology Leader, applying mindfulness consistently to your personal leadership style, and have instilled the 12 Mindful Leadership Principles as your default way of working.  

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