The Challenge is big and requires your help:

There are around 200+ million businesses in the world, with an estimated 10+ million leaders, most of which are ignorant to the benefits of conscious leading and compassion.


Imagine if most of these leaders would embrace mindful leadership to transform their companies!


This would raise global consciousness significantly on this planet!

This can't be done alone or in isolation, and requires collaboration and serious commitment.


For this reason I have created the

Fellowship of Mindful Leaders

Together we embark on a powerful mission and quest to change the global business landscape, step by step, each of us in their own personal and unique way - but with the common intent of elevating leadership to the next level.   

Introducing the "Fellowship of Mindful Leaders"

Becoming a Mindful Leader is a journey, and takes many years of mastering the 7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership


To become a Mindful Leader and achieve mastery in New Leadership to transform the business world toward a New Workplace, it requires a serious commitment on your time and resources, as well as a certain level of openness and curiosity

"It also requires the courage to go deep inside yourself beyond the traditional thinking and limitations of your mind." 

As a foundation it requires a rigorous and consistent training of your mind, to elevate your level of consciousness (LOC).

  • During your journey you will be growing personally and as as a leader, as your consciousness expands 

  • You will be able to increase your self awareness and improve the quality of your decisions

  • As you are strongly connected to your intuition, you will be able to apply Deep Innovation

  • You will become more stress resilient amidst daily turmoil and distractions

  • Your ability to focus on the essential will increase 

  • The collaboration in your organization will be based on the principles of unity, which results in a higher output and a greater quality of your results 

You can't do this alone or on isolation. Research has shown that you are more successful in your personal and leadership growth if you surround yourself with a community of support. 


For this purpose I had the idea of creating a Fellowship of Mindful Leaders.

Together with other likeminded leaders we embark on a powerful mission to change the business landscape on this planet.

Furthermore, other mindfulness & leadership coaches / experts will be joining the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders, as we need to increase diversity in our abilities to complement & strengthen each other. This can happen through knowledge exchange, training, master-minding, or coaching.

Diversity is a key value of the Fellowship, as in my experience it allows us to complement and support our strengths nicely. 

The Fellowship is there for you to support you in your personal growth during this journey, and that you have the opportunity to mastermind and connect with your fellow Mindful Leaders and subject experts. 

Apply for the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders!

As you're reading these lines something has drawn you to this topic. You are probably ready to take action and do the next step. 


How can I join the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders?

To join the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders there are two easy steps:


  1. Join The Mindful Leader community

  2. Then simply apply by filling out the form below and submit it.


There are no fees or costs for admission to the fellowship. 


However, I said becoming a Mindful Leader requires some of your time, resources, and a strong commitment on personal growth

Signing up for the Mindful Leader community and filling out the application form are the first steps to demonstrate this commitment.

For those of you not ready yet, it is ok to come back and do it at later point (or never).  


What happens after I have submitted my Application?

We will review each application thoroughly. There is no formal criteria on acceptance. You just have to be ready to take the first step and have an earnest interest in the topic of mindful leadership and personal growth!

A member of the Fellowship will take the time to meet with you over phone/video for a short get-to-know meeting. Once you are accepted to the Fellowship we will add you to our private LinkedIn and WhatsApp group to keep you informed about updates and upcoming events. 

How will we collaborate together? 

Going forward we will have casual and occasional get-to-togethers with the Fellowship, mastermind events, and other opportunities to connect.

Currently the plan is to have monthly virtual check-ins over Zoom, so that everyone independent of location is able to participate.


We are connected through a WhatsApp group to allow quick and easy communication. In addition, we have a private LinkedIn group that can be used to share resources and facilitate our internal communication. 

In addition, I have created the following fundamental online courses that help you getting started, and getting the most out of the Fellowship.  Those courses are free for Fellowship members, and area using a micro learning approach, where you set aside 10-15 minutes per day, so that they can easily be integrated into your busy work schedule. 

Currently these courses are under construction and will soon become available:

I have planned a 2-3 hour workshop or seminar for us every 8-10 weeks, where we come together and go deeper on select topics related to the Seven Pillars of Mindful Leadership: 

  • Consciousness Growth & Mindset Shift

  • The Mind - Clean-up and Upgrade

  • Toward Conscious Decisions

  • Cultivating your "Forgotten" Qualities

  • Clarity on your Purpose, Mission, and Values

  • New Leadership

  • New Work

We held our last workshop on February 14, 2020 in Berlin, which was  focusing on pillars one (Consciousness Growth & Mindset Shift). The following short video captures some of the highlights of our experience:

Based on the positive feedback after the workshop we're planning more events like this going forward in a 8-10 weeks cycle. 

Together we will organize and evolve the Fellowship. There are no limits on how we can grow together. 

I'm also working on a 2-3 year "Becoming a Mindful Leader" program to assist you with the right resources and support on your journey to becoming a Mindful Leader. Currently I offer a one-day getting-started seminar on Mindful Leadership, as well as a more in-depth Incubate & Accelerate Workshop over a weekend


Our Underlying Principles 

To share some common principles and methodologies I suggest to use: 

This list will continuously evolve as we're working together to upgrade "old" Leadership and define the New Workplace. 


"The Quest"

Your Personal and Leadership Growth Plan 

To accelerate and direct your personal and leadership growth, members of the Fellowship are encouraged to create "The Quest" - Your own Personal and Leadership Growth Plan.


This comprehensive plan is a working document that you own, and comprises 7 categories and dimensions of your personal and leadership growth according to the "7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership). Each of those is further organised into 6 sections. 

I got motivated to create The Quest, when observing typical problems many of us leaders are encountering.


For example:

  • You may already have some goals, but are they the right ones?

  • Your current leadership development plan may focus too much on skills, not on sufficient consciousness growth and upgrading your mind.

  • You may be learning, but not transforming 

The Fellowship will provide the necessary templates, support, and resources, so that you can create your own version of "The Quest."


At the end you can print out the content that you create, and arrange it in a nice folder - like a book. This becomes your guidance on your journey to becoming a Mindful Leader.​​ 

Our Purpose (the "Why"):

  • Minimize the negative effects of stressful and toxic work environments to our health

  • Create a happier workplace by helping people experiencing meaningful work with joy

  • Support people in their personal and consciousness growth to become better leaders 

  • Taking responsibility for the human family and create a better world

The 3 Focus Areas of the Fellowship: (the "What"):

As we're growing the Fellowship organically, we had a purpose workshop in mid March 2020. As a result of our collaboration and the workshop we have decided to focus our efforts in these three areas:

1. Platform & Community of Learning and Personal Growth 

  • Support each other on our journey of growing our consciousness to accelerate our personal & leadership growth

  • Create a platform and space that creates awareness, and where people can come together, be honest, open, and authentic about their struggles without judgment

  • Enables discussions, guidelines, masterminding, networking, coaching & mentoring support through subject experts

  • To identify the underlying issues in our personality and thought process and using them, providing guidance on creating a structured & customised development plan to become a better version of yourself.

2. Developing Best Practises, Skills, and Recommendations on Mindfulness in the New Workplace

  • Come up with practical suggestions for ways to bring mindfulness and consciousness growth, as well as love into the workplace

  • Support leaders to become Mindful Leaders - by teaching them skills and best practices that help them on their journey

  • Concrete recommendations / examples how to implement more mindfulness in organizations and teams

  • Access to knowledge & resources (books, workshops, seminars, courses, events, …) around mindfulness, empowerment & encouragement

  • Provide guidance on relevant knowledge and directly applicable skills to become a more effective leader in the organization

  • Develop hands on techniques on how to implement mindfulness in a (non-mindful) Organisation

3. Raising Awareness of Mindfulness in the Workplace


  • Spreading knowledge about mindfulness, best practice sharing from bringing mindfulness to life in business related measures

  • Guidance on impact of mindfulness on bottom-line business results

  • Providing education, cultivating awareness, and increasing the size of the mindfulness population in the workplace 

  • How can we motivate and inspire other leaders (e.g., build a tool set, strategy) to develop the awareness of their company?

  • True Personal transformative work and the communication of the impact of this. So others get inspired and can change the way they lead.

  • Get more insights on research findings on how mindfulness benefits the workplace

These focus areas are evolving, as we're shaping the future our our Fellowship together!

Our Mission: (the "How"):

Building a community of like minded leaders and experts with the goal of raising and cultivating awareness of mindfulness in the workplace, develop best practises of mindful leadership, and enabling transformation of leaders, teams, organizations and communities through new leadership principles 


"This is your journey, and you need to take ownership on your own personal growth!" 

Research has shown that your chances of success are increasing if you surround yourself with a supporting community.

Joining the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders therefore could be a helpful step to have the right support and community of likeminded Mindful Leaders

Apply to Join

Step 1: Sign-up and join the Mindful Leader community This will also give you access exclusively to the Mindful Leader Forum to connect and exchange ideas. 

Step 2: Then simply fill out the form below and submit. We will review it quickly and get back to you. 


The Fellowship of Mindful Leaders

Member Directory


Once you are accepted into the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders your Profile will be added here: 



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Let me tell you the truth right at the beginning: 

You won't become a Mindful Leader over night by visiting a seminar, workshop, or reading a blog. It is a lengthy process and serious commitment to your personal growth, which will span over many years.

- Reiner Kraft, Ph.D.

When talking with other leaders who are on this path I estimate that it will take about 3-4 years for you to become a Mindful Leader, live mindful leadership by example, and have instilled the 12 Mindful Leadership Principles as your default way of working.