The 12 Mindfulness Leadership Principles

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

To provide guidance to leaders I decided to share some foundational mindfulness leadership principles and values which can be gradually adapted and integrated into a leader's mindset and management style. Once they become a habit, those principles can be powerful as they influence every action and decision of a leader.

Some time ago I came across Amazon's Leadership Principles. While I like these principles a lot as they help organizations to create concentrated focus to become an "execution engine" like Amazon, there is a danger that with a non-mindful leadership approach, some of these principles can bring out a strong ego in leaders. Too often this results in needless power games, unnecessary stress and frustration among employees (will discuss this topic in more detail in an upcoming post).

To compensate and better support such principles we need non-ego driven, mindful leaders, who have enough present-awareness in their decision making.

To guide leaders to develop and cultivate mindful leadership I compiled these 12 Mindfulness Leadership Principles and hope these are helpful. I expect that these principles will evolve over time based on my day-to-day observations, as well as ongoing feedback.

Here they are:

1) Stay present and be mindful in all your thoughts, words, and actions

2) Allow yourself and others to make mistakes, and learn from them

3) Always question your thoughts and assumptions whether you can be absolutely sure they are true

4) Don‘t judge, just observe

5) Choose a positive attitude

6) Do not get too attached to the outcome

7) Watch out for your ego

8) Lead through inspiration, not control

9) Be humble

10) Recognize, be thankful, and act quickly

11) Expect nothing, accept anything

12) Grow and teach others to become mindful leader