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Why Does the Monkey Mind Hinder Your Success?


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the torrent of your own thoughts, unable to make the right decisions? Felt too insecure to follow through on a decision you knew to be right? Been unable to harness your true potential? You’re not alone.


Coined the “monkey mind” by ancient Buddhist philosophers, the whirlwind of distractions, fears and insecurities that follows us throughout our daily lives has held people back for centuries.


However, just as long as the Monkey Mind has been handicapping humans’ personal growth, and just as pervasive as modern technological advances are in this condition’s proliferation, people have also equally been able to conquer this mental state—and, now with the help of society’s latest tools, the opportunity to free yourself from the Monkey Mind's shackles is greater than ever. 


The High Performance Mind is a program designed to help you harness your thoughts and achieve a state of clarity, wellness, and prosperity you never knew you had in you. Specifically geared toward leaders looking to master their minds, the course draws upon years of experience and extensive research to incorporate a diverse blend of epigenetics, “measurable mindfulness” and mind management


Holistic yet data-driven, the course takes a science-forward approach to bring your mind, body and spirit—and is sure to bring your capabilities as a leader to the next level. 


Break free from the self-imposed shackles of the Monkey Mind to become a better leader. 


Master the maze of your own thoughts until you find only the one—

the one that matters.

High-Performance Mind Leader

High-Performance Mind Leader

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In the free initial discovery call you will find out:


How to silence your monkey mind and start living in the “here and now” - instead of in the past or the future.


How you can free yourself from a negative spiral of thoughts, worries, and fears and thus create the basis for your success as a leader.


How you can use measurable results and KPIs to systematically upgrade the software of your mind to think and function better using a systematic approach that delivers results

The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.

Mind KPIs help monitor progress when it comes to letting go of old, reactive patterns, beliefs, and limiting thoughts. KPIs make consciousness and mind transparent - take advantage of this unique opportunity to tame your monkey mind once and for all.


What exactly is the Monkey Mind, and how can you stop it?

The Monkey Mind

The Monkey Mind represents the untrained mind. This term originally comes from Buddhism and means something like restless, moody, and exaggerated. Our thoughts are racing around, holding on to worries and doubts, preventing us from falling asleep and from finally “switching off” our heads.


Our negative thoughts spiral, our monkey mind keeps us trapped in a reality that is far from the truth--and, worst of all--it stops us from doing the things we want to do. It promotes fears, stress, insecurities, and illnesses.


What if you could filter all of your thoughts and only the one remains - the one that matters? The thought that brings you forward in your development and awareness so that transformation can take place. So that what you do daily as a leader will be well received and you can become a powerful mentor to your team(s) with a clear mind.

The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.


Your thoughts are racing and you get caught in a spiral of thoughts

You feel exhausted and lacking energy


You indulge in unnecessary ruminations and have no focus


You doubt your abilities, your self-worth, and what is possible


You put off important decisions and shirk your responsibilities


You remain stuck in old behavioral patterns and thereby block change


You feel calm and can relax emotionally, mentally and physically

You have a clear focus again and feel in a flow state


You have more energy and feel more resilient


You are no longer afraid of important decisions


You have fewer worries and fears


You are free from constant negativity and worries


Leading others starts with mastering our minds. If our "monkey mind" is untamed, how can we effectively lead?

This unique 4-month program offers you an effective mix of training, coaching, and masterminding using the latest science and cutting-edge technology. Leading others starts with mastering our minds. If our "monkey mind" is untamed, how can we effectively lead? It offers you the solution to your restless monkey mind through clear-mind KPIs.

Your Level of Present Awareness (LPA) describes your current state of consciousness. Measurable mindfulness is the foundation for increasing your LPA. It is the most important foundation for your consciousness level transformation and represents your time as a percentage per day that you are fully connected to the present moment.


By gradually building up your level of consciousness (through measurable mindfulness), you gain a certain distance from your thoughts and can then gradually reprogram the software of your mind using various neuroscience methods.

Measurable Mindfulness

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Transforming your mind begins with increasing your level of consciousness. Building on this, you will be able to take a closer look at the false beliefs and gradually replace them with new patterns.


You observe your reactive patterns and become aware of them, then you can gradually replace them with helpful behavioral patterns. You can let go of old energies, cultivate your gratitude and learn how to systematically forgive others.

Mind Management

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We can create clear “Mind KPIs” for our consciousness and mind and flexibly make progress with various interventions based on them.


Once sufficient awareness and clarity have been achieved, we can optimize our bodies using the sciences of functional medicine and epigenetics to optimally support our genes.


So there are three areas: consciousness, mind, and body. When we experience progress in one of these areas, it has positive synergies that then impact other areas. All areas also interact with each other. Therefore, it is important to make small parallel progress in each of these areas.


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The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.


About Reiner Kraft, Ph.D.

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Hello, I'm Reiner, the inventor of the High Performance Mind program. As a technical director at Yahoo! In Silicon Valley I was known for my passion for technology, research, and innovation. At that time, I led various teams with up to 30 engineers. After a few successful years, it became clear that my workload was simply not enough, my mind was wandering, and my performance was declining. My mind just couldn't cope with the long-term pressure. I couldn't keep up with the pace and was almost burned out from the overload of work, deadlines, and information to manage. Creativity faded and I missed some great opportunities due to increasing anxiety and stress. But I knew I was more than capable of it. When I realized the profound effect of mindfulness, I became concerned with the minds of humans. So I dove deep into mind management practices and neuroscience. I have found evidence of its effectiveness - The main reason for this was the mind management practices I have implemented and refined over the years and the heightened level of awareness (LPA). After working on various aspects of mind management, neuroscience, biohacking, epigenetics, min