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Is your health no longer what it used to be?

I'll show you how you can get back in shape and increase your overall performance levels


None of us are getting any younger, and with daily demands and increasing stress levels, our bodies often show signs that it's time to take action. Symptoms are frequently ignored in the hustle of everyday life.


Are you dealing with chronic illness or pain, feeling like you've tried everything without progress?


Traditional approaches often fall short by not addressing underlying causes or individual genetics. Our bodies, complex and unique, are a blend of interacting systems based on our DNA. When these systems falter, health issues can emerge over time if left unaddressed.


For highly motivated individuals seeking to enhance their performance, a mentoring program is available. Utilizing functional epigenetics, biohacking, and personalized nutrients, this program aims to optimize overall resilience and well-being through a data-driven approach.


Join the Resilience++ program to unlock your potential, achieve clarity, wellness, and prosperity. Invest in yourself today and discover the benefits of personalized health optimization.



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In the free initial discovery call you will find out:


Learn how your body actually works as complex system by looking at your 60+ important genes and more than 30+ functional biomarkers, and why you need sufficient data to determine your overall resilience level.


Learn how you can take the findings of your DNA, blood work, and wearable devices,  and take these into an actionable plan comprising personalized (micro) nutrients and the latest biohacking interventions.  


Learn how you can use measurable results and build your own KPI dashboard to systematically upgrade the software of your body to function better using the latest science of epigenetics.

The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.

Your Transformation


You're feeling overwhelmed and stressed 

Your overall health is no longer what it used to be. You are dealing with chronic illness or pain 

You're lacking energy and focus 

You are feeling like you've tried everything without progress

You're possibly doing some sports and eating healthy but are not getting the expected results 

You've no idea how your body works as a system based on your DNA or how to measure / improve your resilience level in different aspects and make systematic progress toward it


You feel calm and can relax emotionally, mentally and physically

You're immune system is balanced and keeps you healthy

You have more energy and feel more resilient

You have a system and structure to validate and integrate new bio hacks  

You have an optimized routine of personalized micronutrients, nutrition, upgraded sleep, and minimal exercise routine that deliver results

You know how your body works on cellular level and know how to measure progress using various functional biomarkers

THE METHOD: 60+ Genes / 30+ Functional Biomarkers / Personalized Micronutrients

Putting the Science of Epigenetics into Action in this Hands-On Coaching program

Upgrade your resilience with our unique program that combines mentoring and coaching, using the latest science of epigenetics, functional medicine, personalized micronutrients, and cutting-edge technology. Our program offers an effective mix of hands-on coaching to help you master your body's systems and assess your resilience levels on different aspects and KPIs. With our program, you can improve on what you can measure. Are you ready to take the first step towards a resilient future?

Our genes don't define our destiny! We can optimize our body and support our genes through the sciences of functional medicine and epigenetics. With a non-invasive DNA test from our partner Nordic Labs, you can learn about your 60+ most important genes and understand how gene variations affect your body. With this knowledge, you can personalize your micronutrient intake and use the latest biohacking interventions to better support your critical systems. Take control of your health today!


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Knowing the blueprint of your body tells you only half of the story. To find out how your body works on a cellular level, you'll need to learn how to measure its current status using functional biomarkers. This will allow you to assess your metabolism, redox capabilities, immune system status, mitochondrial health, and more. You'll learn the basics of biochemistry and functional medicine approaches to get a complete picture of your body's health. Don't let "dirty" genes hold you back from optimal health. Take control and discover what your body really needs!

Functional Biomarkers

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Are you looking to improve your health and wellness? Look no further! With a comprehensive epigenetic anamnese and analysis of your most important genes and functional biomarkers, you can now explore different interventions to help you improve. By leveraging nutrition and complex micronutrient formulas, you can update your genes' software using a systematic and data-driven framework. Our team can help you formulate a personalized protocol of nutrients to reach new levels of resilience. Start your journey to optimal health today!

Personalied (Micro-) Nutrients

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The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.


About Reiner Kraft, Ph.D.

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Hello, I'm Reiner, the creator of the Resilience++ program. I worked in technology for several decadest, am a scientist (with a PhD in computer science), lived in California for more than 20 years and worked in management positions at renowned technology companies (IBM Research, Yahoo, Zalando). Since 2012, I have been working intensively on how to sustainably optimize your mind and body and have now invested more than 10,000 hours of my time. When I moved to Berlin with my family in 2016, I have since then increasingly focused on the topics of micronutrients, epigenetics, neuroscience and functional medicine and completed numerous training and further education courses there, attended seminars and met many experts in this field. Among other things, I am a certified micronutrient coach (Biogena), epigenetics coach (Healversity), DNA expert (Nordic Laboratories) and human potential coach (HPI). In addition, I am currently training to become a naturopath and am participating in Dr. Christian Burghardt's innovative M3 mentoring program to delve even deeper into modern medical topics (metabolism, mitochondria). ​​ In 2022 I founded my epigenetics lab here in Central Hesse. This is modernly equipped with the latest technologies. Here I offer innovative coaching and mentoring programs for anyone who would like to further their education on these topics and perhaps learn something new in the process.


Unleash New Levels of Performance and Well-being with Resilience++

By measuring success and clear results using functional biomarkers and  KPIs, you can iteratively upgrade the software of your body to function better.


You will reach new levels of cognitive abilities, performance, and mental flexibility.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-31 um 14.29.31.png


You increase your levels of energy and focus, enabling you to achieve more with less effort.

Still push through and persist, when others fail or give up. 

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Ultra Resilience

You may have tried some supplements or some biohacking interventions already only with limited success. 

Achieve more stability when it comes to progress on your body with functional biomarkers and know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Numbers don't lie

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You are unique! Learn, how you can support your genes optimally. By knowing, which systems of your body need extra support and how to achieve that through clear measurements, you'll increase your overall level of well-being. 

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Master of your Body

The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.


Program Overview

In just 4 months you will learn important basics for optimizing your body.


We designed this program specifically for 

  • Individuals in leadership roles or high-performing individual contributors who would to get more out their body, and increase their overall level of mental performance and well-being.

  • Coaches, who would like to enhance their portfolio and learn how to use a personalized approach based on a client's DNA, functional biomarkers, and learn how to devise a personalized (micro) nutrients protocol. 

At the beginning we define common, clear goals and the mentoring program is individually adapted to your needs and existing basic knowledge. The idea is that we will approach everything together in a very practical way using a concrete case study, namely your own genetics. This is how you learn knowledge that can be implemented directly using an agile approach based on the motto “Do, Measure, Learn”.


Based on an extensive epigenetic anamnesis (up to 1.5 hours) with Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. you will identify 2-3 focus areas that you will then concentrate on in the coming months. You will learn how to make measurable progress using knowledge of the most important health competencies (a framework to provide sufficient structure) and the science of epigenetics through targeted interventions in these focus areas with clear metrics based on relevant functional laboratory diagnostics.

A DNA analysis (we either use DNA Health from Nordic Labs or Intelligene) of your most important genes will help you better understand your own body as a system and how you can optimally support your genes through personalized micronutrients. Depending on your interest and previous knowledge, we will delve very deeply into the complex world of micronutrients and biohacking.

There are two personal mentoring sessions (60 minutes) per month. We record all details of the sessions in your personal working document (Google Doc) for reference. This also includes links or book/study recommendations on relevant in-depth topics. In addition, you'll have email and WhatsApp support for your urgent questions. 

Important: If you would like to try out the knowledge you have learned, the ideas presented or interventions (and you are not a doctor or health practitioner), we always recommend close cooperation and consultation with a (functional) doctor you trust.

The program consists of the following sections, which can be flexibly integrated into your everyday life. The process is as follows:

  • Why is the CTO Mastermind offered at this low introductory rate?
    We want to offer you the CTO Mastermind and a very competitive rate and to make it a "no-brainer" for you to sign-up. Given the potential value the monthly subscription investment is marginal when compared to the potential results and outcome.
  • Why is it not free?
    Running a comprehensive program like this requires significant resources. In addition, our experience is that those tech leaders who pay the small monthly subscription fee are more committed to contributing to the group and are also more engaged.
  • Why is it in English?
    We are a global community and haven chose English as our primary language of communication.
  • What is the format of this CTO Mastermind group?
    We have a monthly (virtual) meetup up to 90 minutes. In addition, we use our community platform to engage in continuous masterminding. This combination has proven to be very effective.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Besides the monthly 90-minute meetup we expect each members sets aside up to 30 minutes per week for masterminding using our platform: To post current challenges, share an important resource, or contribute answers to others challenges posted to keep the masterminding process going.
  • Why is the CTO Mastermind a process?
    It is a process to gradually get to know your peers and get into a collaboration style that works well. Therefore give yourself at least 3-4 months within this process to optimize your contributions and the value you'll receive from the ongoing masterminding process.
  • When can I join?
    You can join anytime.
  • What is the difference between sparring and the CTO Mastermind group?
    Sparring is also possible within the mastermind group. It is an exchange of best practises and ideas in a 1:1 setup. Masterminding however is a one-to-many setup. This allows you to tap into the collective brain power of a group. Therefore the potential results you'll obtain can be much higher.
  • What problems and challenges can I bring into the group?
    This is all up to you! The challenges you face every day are complex and decisive: from managing the development team, to defining the technology stack, to relations with the business. The success of your tech product is your responsibility: it is natural to have doubts, uncertainties or need an external opinion. Use this platform to positively impact your work!
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    You can cancel anytime. However, we recommend to stick with the group for at least 3-4 months to let its value fully unfold. Also ensure you set aside some time every week to contribute to the masterminding process.
  • How do I qualify for the Senior & Experienced track
    You have to work in a senior tech leader position, have a strong technical background, and demonstrated at least 10+ years of tech leadership experience. If in doubt, please contact us and we will review your qualification for this senior track.
  • Who are the other members of the group?
    You can join the group by signing up using the link(s) above to have full access and get to know your peers. It is a diverse and global group, and each member has to meet the qualifications for the corresponding track. To get you a flavor of the caliber of individuals we encourage you to join the community for free (see link above) and browse the member directory. This will give you a glimpse of who has already joined.
  • What about confidentiality?
    Within our group the motto "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" fully applies. In addition, we encourage members to use common sense when talking about business internal or other sensitive topics.

The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.


Join my successful Participants


Katrina Tempero
Staff UX Manager @ Google

Reiner's High-Performance Mind training provides a step-by-step approach to building a strong foundation. His progress tracking is a game-changer, integrating mindfulness concepts seamlessly into daily life. A holistic program that encompasses diverse sources of wisdom. By offering a toolkit to manage the demands of a dynamic tech industry, Reiner's training enables lasting transformation.


Pavel Kilovatiy
VP Engineering @ Beamery

For senior technical leaders, Reiner's Mindful Leadership training is a must. It enhances cognitive resiliency and draws from his vast experience. Highly recommended for those aiming to excel as leaders. Reiner's insights go beyond theory, providing practical tools that elevate leadership skills and amplify team performance.


Boris Diebold
CTO @ HeJobs

A truly transformative experience, Reiner's insights condensed years of learning into weeks. His practical tools made an immediate impact on both my business and personal life. His expertise shines through. Reiner's training is a catalyst for positive change.


Karthik Govindappa
Head of Machine Learning @ Nyris

Reiner's High-Performance Mind program was transformative. The data-driven approach resonated with me, providing insights to regulate my day. Regular coaching sessions with Reiner were enlightening. A treasure trove of knowledge. With Reiner's guidance, I learned to harness data for personal growth, resulting in enhanced productivity and mental clarity.


These are your next steps:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-31 um 19.50.13.png

1. Your entry

In the form on the next page, we will ask you a few questions to get to know you better. This is the only way we can prepare individually for our initial consultation.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-31 um 19.51.05.png

2. Discovery Call

In the second step, we have a personal conversation and discuss your open questions and potential. Together we will see whether the Resilience++ program is right for you and what options exist.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-31 um 19.51.48.png

3. Our corporation

If both sides realize that working together makes sense, we will discuss together what your participation in the Resilience++ program will look like.

The initial discovery call is non-binding and free of charge for you. The purpose is to get to know each other so that we can decide together which next steps make sense for you.

The Mindful Tech Leader Training has already been positively impacting Tech Leaders from

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