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CTO Mentoring & Sparring Program

Empower your tech leadership journey with exclusive mentoring sessions, tailored to tomorrow's CTOs.

New: Starting September 2023
Invest in your Future as a Tech Leader. 
Meet Reiner Kraft, Ph.D.

Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. has been an influential force in the tech world for over two decades, from Silicon Valley’s innovative heart to Berlin’s burgeoning tech scene. Holding more than 120 U.S. patents, Reiner is not just a tech leader but also one of Silicon Valley's most prolific inventors. But beyond patents and accolades, what truly sets Reiner apart is his unique blend of deep technological insight with a passion for modern leadership methodologies.

His tenure at tech giants such as IBM Research, Yahoo, and Zalando not only enriched him with vast technical knowledge but also exposed him to various leadership dynamics, making him adept at understanding both the technical and human facets of leadership.

A firm believer in evolving with the times, Reiner's recent endeavors have led him to dive deep into the science of epigenetics, combining it with tech leadership to form a groundbreaking approach. His method, grounded in presence and mind-management, has become a beacon for those looking to adapt and excel in today's ever-changing tech landscape.

Founder of 'The Mindful Leader' and co-founder of global communities like 'The New U,’ Reiner continues to influence and shape the next generation of tech leaders. As a mentor, he brings his technical prowess and a profound understanding of leadership nuances unique to the tech industry.

The CTO Mentoring & Sparring Program

What you will Get: 

  • A monthly One-on-One Session with Reiner Kraft, PhD.
    Delve into unparalleled tech leadership insights. Have an exclusive an
    d in-depth 1:1 mentoring & sparring session once a month for one hour with Reiner Kraft, PhD. - receive fresh impulses and different perspectives on your most important challenges. 

  • Email and chat support for quick and urgent topics. 

  • Complimentary access to the CTO Mastermind program
    A like minded group
    of peers with whom you can network and mastermind in an ongoing manner. The group meets once a month for 90-minutesSet also aside 15-20 minutes per week for ongoing masterminding and exchange with the group members using the platform. You share your most important challenges and give back by contributing to the group with your expertise and unique perspective. 

  • Access to our Mindful Tech Leader platform
    Engage over private chat and message rooms with other participants to network and mastermind without the “LinkedIn noise

Explore the Community and Platform for Free:


The Mindful Tech Leader community began as a hub for global tech leaders to connect and collaborate. Now, with 400+ members, it stands as a beacon for those looking to reshape leadership and build influential organizations.

Explore our community for free and dive into the diverse network of tech leaders. Browse member profiles, initiate discussions, and embrace the multitude of networking opportunities.




Join and Apply Now for the CTO Mentoring & Sparring program:

We encourage you to apply to the CTO Mentoring & Sparring program and we are currently accepting applications

Space is extremely limited; a monthly subscription with an introductory rate (850 Euros / $925 USD) to the CTO Mentoring & Sparring program is required to participate. Can be canceled at any time.

Sign-up and apply on or prior to 15.09.2023 to take advantage of the early bird / introductory rate. This investment is marginal compared to the potential output or results you'll achieve. 

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. to learn more about the program, and determine whether you qualify.






CTO Mentoring & Sparring - Program Benefits:  

  • Technical Acumen Enhancement: Learn from one of Silicon Valley's most prolific inventors and adapt innovative strategies for tech challenges.

  • Leadership Mastery: Hone your leadership skills for the tech industry, blending modern management strategies with tried-and-true principles.

  • Mindful Leadership Approach: Gain insights into 'The Mindful Leader' principles. Cultivate a leadership style rooted in presence, self-awareness, and empathy.

  • Hands-on Sparring: Benefit from regular, direct feedback on your decisions, strategies, and approach, refining your skills in real-time.

  • Mental Agility & Health: Harness tools and methodologies to improve mental clarity, manage stress, and navigate the high-paced tech environment.

  • Networking and Collaboration: Access the Mindful Tech Leaders community and CTO Mastermind Group  offering a platform to collaborate with like-minded leaders and experts.

  • Tailored Growth Plan: Receive a personalized roadmap tailored to your leadership style, strengths, and areas of development.

  • Exclusive Resources & Content: Delve into premium content ranging from leadership methodologies to biohacking insights, aimed at helping you stay ahead in the tech leadership realm.

  • Future-proof Your Leadership: Stay updated with emerging trends, ensuring you remain a relevant and effective leader as the tech industry evolves.

After you have your complimentary discovery call with Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. and your application is accepted, we'll share a link with you where you can complete the sign-up process. 

After that you gain immediate access to the CTO Mentoring & Sparring group, so you can start accessing premium content. We will reach out to you to support you with a smooth onboarding experience, so that you will have your first meeting with Reiner shortly.


Felix Eichler

CTO & Co-Founder @ Userlane

Reiner helped me to build up a higher level of awareness and it changed my life. His course on mindful tech leadership is still inspiring me to this day. It combines data and science-driven approaches, helps to build powerful habits, and enables you to be a more empathetic leader.


Ivan Miletic

CTO & Co-Founder @ Zizooboats GmbH

Reiner is a true tech veteran who has helped me greatly on a number of fronts.

More importantly however, he has made me a better tech leader by conveying his his vast experience via sparring sessions and leadership trainings. He has helped me scale a tech. organization with best practices, new methodologies, and at the end of the day, great guidance and advice. I super appreciate working with him.


Pavel Kilovatiy

VP Engineering @ Beamery

If you like to figure out how to develop your cognitive resiliency - ability to focus under sustained pressure then Reiner's Mindful Leadership training programme will certainly help you.

Reiner draws on his first hand experience in scaling world-class engineering organisation as well as individual training programme. Highly recommended for senior technical leaders (CTO/VPEs/Director level).


Jacqueline Yildirim

Co-CTO @  Spotsize

Reiner supported me as tech lead and interim CTO at spotsize. He redefined the team set-up with me, introduced Agile Development and guided the developer team.

In addition, he supported me at customer meetings and with investors. His calm and pleasant manner paired with his professional competence as well as his drive for innovation has infected the whole team and created visible and measurable added value.


Boris Diebold

CTO @  Heyjobs

Sometimes you have these kind of learnings and experiences that elevate you to the next level...

As an experienced tech leader, coach and biohacker he has a wealth of experience to share that otherwise would have taken me another 10 years to make.

​During our collaboration experienced several "breakthrough" moments that impacted both my business as well as my private life significantly.

Testimonials of Tech Leaders

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