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Reiner Kraft, PhD

Transform your Mindset and accelerate your Leadership Growth & Effectiveness with Personal Coaching

I'm offering you a variety of personal coaching formats:

- Executive Coaching / Business Coaching for executives, members of management or leadership team to gain a fresh and different perspective 

- Short-Term Coaching on a major subject topic (5-7 Sessions over 4 months, or up to 10 sessions over 6 months). 

- Sparring Partnership for ongoing mindset or leadership topics of choice.

- Ad-Hoc Coaching on urgent topics that arise and require quick attention.

- Full-day Coaching to work intensely on a topic to achieve focused results.

Conveniently over Video (Zoom, Skype, ...)


In English or German


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How can I help you in the role of Personal Coach?


As your personal or business coach, I am your companion for a certain time-constrained topic of choice.


The goal of the coaching sessions is to accelerate your personal growth and change your mindset so that you can increase your leadership effectiveness and reach your fullest potential to maximize your positive contributions to the world.


If you are new to a leadership role, or are in the process of changing to a leadership role, I can help you develop your skills to become a good leader. 


If you are already an experienced leader, I can give you new impulses through my approaches of mindfulness in the workplace and New Leadership, which will catapult your personal growth to new heights that cannot be achieved beforehand without the corresponding expansion of consciousness.

In that context mindfulness is not the end goal, but acts as a catalyst to cultivate new and sometimes “forgotten” qualities in you.


That leads to


  • an increase in your emotional intelligence (active listening, compassion, empathy, ...)

  • Improvement in your self-reflection and self-awareness

  • an improvement in your perception of experience and behavior

  • a deepening of the connection to your intuition. This allows you to consciously improve the quality of your decisions

  • the recognition of limiting thoughts and false beliefs that prevent you from growing personally

  • a change where you replace old habitual or negative thought patterns with more positive and helpful ones

I support you in your personal growth in connection with topics from your professional environment. For example:

  • In the continuation and further development of individual learning and performance processes

  • Through a solution-oriented approach to increasing performance.

  • Helping in the event of work life balance conflicts

  • Developing a better understanding on how to better collaborate with managers or colleagues

In my approach, I assume that you already know the solution to these problems. I help you with specific questions to find or develop this solution in yourself.

Reiner Kraft, PhD

I have more than 15+ years of experience leading high-impact technological organizations both large and small, and have spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley. The past 4 years I have been working in Berlin, which also has a very diverse and vibrant startup culture.  

Furthermore, I have applied Mindful Leadership concepts to large organisations (such as Yahoo and Zalando), as well as startups (e.g. Yunar), and therefore collected valuable learnings and practical, hands-on experience.  


I can therefore teach you Mindful Leadership from the view-point of a leader.

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Note: Take advantage of your company's learning & development budget - I recommend to inquire with your HR business partner whether personal coaching series are covered (or partially covered) and will be reimbursed.  

How do we work together?

My personal coaching typically comprises 7-10 sessions over 4-6 months. Of course I'm flexible and can adapt this to your needs. But you can always schedule ad-hoc sessions if needed. This includes business coaching or executive leadership coaching formats. 

We can conveniently connect online (over Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype)

A coaching session usually lasts 1 hour. 

There will be a free introductionary session, so that we can get to know each other. After that you can decide whether you want to proceed or not.  

Currently I'm offering the following personal coaching series, designed for leaders at all levels (team level, head level, VP or C-level), as well as business professionals (e.g., product managers) and innovators.


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Executive Coaching / Business Coaching

Gain a fresh and different Perspective

Often times it is helpful to look at problems from a different perspective. This can be extremely eye opening, and can lead to new and creative solutions. However, as a prerequisite you have to be open minded and curious to explore other viewpoints.  

The business coaching or executive leadership coaching comprises (but is not limited to)  topics like career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career, and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organization.

I observed that many leaders I have worked with in the past have a strong desire for personal growth. What is missing is someone neutral with whom you can talk about your goals, your mission, and strategy on how to get there.  But also someone who is a very experienced leader, and possibly went through similar situations before. In both cases in the role of an executive coach I can be that sparring partner who can challenge your ideas, and provide you with suggestions that you can use as input for your decisions. 

We could collaborate on a specific focus topic (e.g., new leadership, technology, innovation, stress resilience) over a longer period of time, or adapt discussions based on current business or personal growth challenges. Usually I will work with you as long as needed. Typically over a period of 6-12 months. 

What differentiates my services from a "typical" executive coach is that I'll add a dimension of mindfulness as a foundation to our collaboration.  Topics related to the 7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership act as a framework and guiding North Star to your personal and consciousness growth. 

In my experience the biggest blocker holding you back is your own mind, with all the limiting and false beliefs. We will work together on cultivating methods of continuous inquiry, and deepen your self reflection capabilities using mindfulness techniques and meditation. Only with the capability of an honest self assessment can you really grow. In the beginning it is also very helpful to integrate 3rd part feedback and observations from others to identify your "blond spots." 

Together we will develop methods of a continuous "questioning process" and deepen your self-reflection skills using mindfulness techniques and meditation techniques.

You can only grow with the ability to honestly assess yourself. At the beginning it is also very helpful to integrate feedback and observations from others in order to identify your "blind spots." The goal is to minimize this over time.

If you're interested in personal coaching please also consider applying for the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders - a great supporting network to accelerate and fuel your personal growth.


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