Transform your Leadership Mindset with Personal Coaching

I'm planning on offering you a variety of personal coaching formats starting in 2020:

- Short-Term Coaching on a major subject topic (5-7 Sessions over 3 months). 

- Sparring Partnership for ongoing mindset or leadership topics of choice.

- Ad-Hoc Coaching on urgent topics that arise and require quick attention.

- Full-day Coaching to work intensely on a topic to achieve focused results. 

The goal of the coaching sessions (but not limited to) is to grow and transform your leadership mindset, so that you can increase your leadership effectiveness, and unlock your fullest potential and maximise your contributions to the world. 


The coaching sessions can help you to identify your strengths and capabilities, achieve clarity on your personal and soul print values, identify limiting thoughts or false beliefs that hold you back and prevent growth and transformation to happen, and replace old habitual thought patterns with more positive and helpful ones. 

Coaching Sessions can be:

  - held at your work place (or other place of choice) in person or via Google Hangouts / Skype / FaceTime / Zoom


  - held in English or German

if you're interested in coaching please also consider applying for the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders

Send me an email for an informal and introductionary get-to-know session. 

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