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Mindful Leadership

Workshops & Seminars

If you are a leader who wants to take your leadership to a next deeper level, I have  designed several workshops and seminars that may be helpful for your personal & leadership growth. 

To keep the size of the workshops small and interactive, and to allow the necessary level of depth, I usually limit the number of participants up to 12

Over the course of each workshop you will get to know other likeminded participants, which provides you with a community and support network of people who are also committed to their personal growth. 

The seminars and workshops are a start on a journey to introduce or accelerate your leadership and consciousness growth.

I have recently also created as an additional and powerful support channel, the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders, with whom you can mastermind and exchange ideas in the future. 

1) One-day Seminar:

Getting Started - Introduction to Mindful Leadership (Level 1)

If you are an experienced leader, or just starting on becoming one, this one-day seminar is designed to introduce you to the topic of to mindful leadership, and presents a novel science-based approach to measure your progress on your journey of becoming a Mindful Leader

You will arrive in the morning, and spend the day surrounded by likeminded leaders a in a nice & tranquil location within nature near Berlin.  

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2) One-Day Seminar:

Becoming Stress Resilient (Level 1)

When asking leaders where they need immediate improvement in their work and personal life, the number one answer is typically becoming more resilient to stress.

You have no control over the external events and situations in your life, but you can control how you experience and process stress.


Stress originates in your mind and has serious negative effects on your body, significantly shortening your life span. 

The good news is there are easy-to-apply yet extremely effective methods and tools to manage stress, which include a combination of mental training, proper sleep, supporting exercises, and optimal nutrition. 

This one-day seminar is designed to introduce you to a proven system and scientific approach that leverages the latest research on mindfulness and meditation, stress reduction, nutrition, and relevant health aspects.

You will arrive in the morning, and spend the day surrounded by likeminded people in a nice & tranquil location within nature in Spreewald near Berlin.

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3) One-Day Seminar:

Deep Innovation (Level 1)

If you are an innovator, eager to tap into your full potential to innovate and change the landscape of this planet with your outstanding ideas, this one day seminar is designed to introduce you to a mindfulness and science based approach to Deep Innovation.

It includes learning an effective method to tap into your intuition, and I'll introduce you to the process of idea engineering that you can apply to any personal or business context. In case studies and group breakout sessions we apply Deep Innovation to your real world problems.   

Scientists, engineers, and inventors, when asked about under what circumstances they are most creative, many of them believe that their ideas originate from a "deeper" level, or when they were in some state of flow. 

I learned in the past two decades from my own experience that this is indeed the case: 


The most creative ideas originate from the depth of your consciousness, from stillness, not from your busy mind.  

During this one-day seminar you will learn how you can systemically connect with your consciousness, the origin of all great ideas, and continuously "pull out" or discover new insights and ideas leveraging your intuition.  

The capability of "Deep Innovation" will jump-start your ability to innovate and prolifically produce high quality ideas on an ongoing basis.


You will be amazed what ideas can originate from your deeper state of mind!  


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4) Two-day Weekend Workshop:

Incube & Accelerate - Mindfulness Leadership Transformation Workshop (Level 2)

If you are an experienced leader, and are ready to invest more time & resources to go deeper on exploring how mindful leadership can fuel your growth as a leader, then this intense 2-day workshop could be a good choice. Compared to the one-day seminar we have more time together, and therefore can go much deeper into all topics.  

It is recommended to have built up already some basic experience of mindful leadership, for example by applying mindful leadership to organisations, or already have familiarity with topics covered in my Mindful Leadership Level 1 seminar. 

You will arrive on a Friday afternoon, and spend the weekend surrounded by likeminded leaders a in a nice tranquil location within nature about 2.5 hours from Berlin.

This workshop can have a profound impact on your personal and consciousness growth. 

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