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The Importance of Detoxification for your Brain Health

A healthy brain is the foundation for a healthy mind.

Suppose you are experiencing brain fog occasionally or on a regular basis or see a decline in your cognitive capabilities. The chances are that you have accumulated too many heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or lead in your brain that may be causing this.

Our body can tolerate aluminum in small amounts by clearing it through the kidneys. Nevertheless, research shows that if the kidneys are not able to remove aluminum through organ failure or high doses of exposure, it can deposit in the brain, which causes negative effects in the brain and has been implicated in several neurological conditions.

It has been suggested that aluminum poisoning may contribute to the commonly observed dementia. Furthermore, several studies also show that an elevated aluminum content could be detected in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

In addition, the quality of your meditation might be affected as well. Something not quite obvious, as people usually think about other potential causes (e.g., can’t focus, easily getting distracted), but the underlying culprit might be related to the accumulation of too many toxins in the brain.

Unfortunately, most of us carry high loads of those heavy metal toxins in their body and organs accumulated over many decades in our life without even knowing about it.

Or worse, they know about it and think that they can get rid of those with a few healthy changes in their lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient to really clean up your body.

While, for example, eating some chlorella algae after sushi is a good idea to bind the mercury in that fish, it won’t get rid of all the junk that has accumulated in your body for decades.

Think about it like a house full of clutter, where stuff has been added so that you barely walk through the rooms. Doing a little cleaning here and there in each room may not do the trick. You need a complete spring cleanup!

Once the house is clean and in good shape, you need to apply regular maintenance and ongoing cleaning to keep it in that good shape - it is the same with your body!

Therefore making detox a priority may be helpful for your mind and body, but you need to know how to do it right.

Detoxification is a complex and tedious process - you won’t see results quickly. Therefore you also need a strong commitment and willpower to be successful. Patience and perseverance are therefore important, which are supported by training your mind and cultivating more presence in your life. This is why having a regular and effective mind-management practice in place is critical for success.

Because of the complexity, you also won’t be able to do it alone. You need to work together with an expert in this area, like an experienced functional medicine doctor who specializes in this field under close supervision.

This is how you can get started:

  • Find a capable functional or integrative medicine doctor and work with them to determine current toxins and heavy metals levels in your body to come up with a detoxification plan. If you live in Germany, I can recommend a few doctors I have been working with myself and who have a good reputation.

  • Based on your overall health status, the doctor may suggest starting a chelation therapy to gradually get those toxins out of your body. This is an IV infusion comprising various chelators like calcium-sodium EDTA, DMPS, or DMSA. Once in your bloodstream, these bind the heavy metals and you can pee those out afterward.

  • Alternatively there is a more “light-weight” approach using 1-2 DMSA capsules (each 500 mg) once a week. Your functional medicine doctor may recommend that approach in certain scenarios or just as a simple way of getting started. Beyond that there are more alternatives available based on your individual circumstances. That’s why choosing a very capable expert in this area is crucial.

  • You will need to continuously refill minerals as also some of the good minerals will get removed. Measuring mineral and micronutrient levels on an ongoing basis is very important. Be patient - depending on your level of toxins, this can take more than a year.

  • In parallel, start a lifestyle of continuous detoxification to minimize the accumulation of new toxins. For example, get on the Bulletproof Diet, eat organic veggies and grass-fed meat, which automatically helps to decrease the absorption of new toxins. Be careful with certain types of fish. For example, the amount of mercury in fish and other seafood depends on the species and pollution levels in its environment. One study from 1998 to 2005 found that 27% of fish from 291 streams around the United States contained more than the recommended limit. Overall, larger and longer-lived fish tend to contain the most mercury. These include shark, swordfish, fresh tuna, marlin, king mackerel, tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico, and northern pike.

I've been on this detox journey for more than 2-3 years. There is still a bit more work to do, but at this point, I hope to have most of the toxins in my body eliminated later this summer.

How do I know?

I take measurements after every 5 chelat / DMPS infusions to see how many toxins actually came out. This is an indicator on how much there is still left in the body.

In addition, I use my laser spectronomy device (cell check) to determine the remaining overall heavy metal toxin levels in my body. The body is detoxing typically relatively slowly, so you see a gradual decrease where toxic levels possibly decrease by 1%-2% per month, but this all depends on how well your body can actually perform proper detoxification. Your functional medicine practitioner may first look at your genes and do other tests to determine your body’s detoxification capabilities.

Last but not least, I actually feel much better, have enhanced cognitive processing power, and see improvements in many of the 200+ biomarkers that I’m regularly tracking. My inflammation levels are down as well, and my mitochondria health has been improved significantly (you can also test this using a blood test called BHI, bioenergetic health index from IMD lab.)

Detoxification, therefore, can be seen as an underlying foundational activity when you are working on upgrading your mind.

Proper detoxification is also part of The Mindful Leader Program, where you learn about the basics on how to make it work in order to support optimal cognitive abilities and a healthy mind.

If detox is not on your radar yet, consider making it a priority NOW.



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