The “Mindful Leader Mindset” - How to Transform Your Leadership Effectiveness to a new Level

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Butterfly transformation is inspiring

While working in leadership positions at major technology companies I observed many leaders in the past years who were working on improving themselves based on a company prescribed development plan. While it can be helpful to have such a development plan in place, oftentimes the development goals are focusing on acquiring or improving certain skills (i.e., learning a new project management software, taking a public speaking class). For leaders in larger organizations there usually exist management classes that are offered through their learning department, or which they outsource to an external training provider. Those classes may teach management and hiring basics, as well as explaining internal processes (i.e., yearly budgeting), and providing practical tips for the new manager (i.e., how to handle more difficult conversations). However, all of these self improvement efforts focus on your personality/perceivement  or surface level (“outer shell”). These little adjustments mostly have little to no effect on ones character and capability as a leader.

What is Transformation?

Transformation itself means to change someone or something completely. There is a deeper level of you that in many of us is hidden and concealed by our personality or „ego“. This deeper level or “inner core” is who you really are. If your inner core is fully aligned with your surface level or outer shell, then you live purposely in fulfillment and peace, The reason is that there is no tension between your inner core and outer shell, which causes otherwise friction and effort to compensate. If your inner core is not aligned with your outer shell, self improvements on the surface level are not going to help you bring your inner core and surface level in harmony. A more radical personal transformation process therefore is needed, which initiates change from within your deepest level, leading to gradual adjustments and growth on your outer shell.

Is such a Transformation Process worthwhile?

The proposed transformation process initiated with the “Mindful Leader Mindset” can be a lifelong journey, and requires your full commitment. It is a process that is challenging and requires consistency, and therefore, to succeed, your persistence is of essence.

So why go through such a transformation process as a leader? Is it really worthwhile?  Wouldn’t it be sufficient to stay with the usual self-improvement topics used by thousands of companies? Unfortunately, if you want to really grow as a leader, you need to get out of your comfort zone, and address problems directly at your deeper level where they arise. Most of these problems are related to your mindset, and can be quite limiting when trying to achieve your fullest potential. The biggest upside for you therefore is that when you address limiting thoughts that prevent you from growing, the positive growth effects may bring you exponential gains.

What’s in it for you?

Some advantages when building up “The Mindful Leader Mindset”:

  • You become more balanced and less stressed at work. This will lead to a healthier life/work balance. You will live healthier, and be less sick, as high stress levels have a negative impact on your body and immune system.

  • You will be less worried about the future or dealing with uncertainty.

  • You will have more focus and attention to apply to solving problems and making more effective progress towards your goals. Your overall productivity will therefore increase.

  • Your emotional intelligence (EQ) will greatly improve. This will make you more successful in collaborating and interacting with others. As a result your working relationship with your directs and teams will improve significantly, and your personal relationships will benefit as well.

  • Your leadership effectiveness will grow significantly. You will be able to do more with less effort.

  • You will more easily build up trust in your organization. Trust is the foundation for innovation and a productive work environment.

  • People will like to work for you. The work environment you produce is purposeful and healthy. Therefore people will look forward to work every morning.

The Multiplier Effect