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10X Presence & Self-Awareness

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Hi there,

While working with many tech leaders in the past year, I had created the original Mindful Tech Leadership - Fundamentals training. It was geared towards increasing your levels of presence and self-awareness, as well as increasing your resilience and energy levels while decreasing your overall stress exposure.

The training has produced significant transformational results for those leaders who participated (or are still participating.)

But don't take my word for it. Instead, I encourage you to check out some testimonials on my LinkedIn profile to see what those leaders are actually saying in terms of experience and results achieved.

Since then the training has evolved based on lots of feedback. And in the past months, it has become clear to me that this training really accelerates your consciousness growth by systematically increasing your level of present awareness (LPA) by a factor of 10!

Usually, the leaders I work with start out with a baseline of 1-2% LPA. The LPA is the percentage of time of your waking day, where you are fully present, alert, and immersed in the present moment (see also my latest blog article on this topic.)

To better reflect this insight, I decided to change the title and scope of the training to provide enhanced clarity on the results achieved.

Here it is:

10X Presence & Self-Awareness

You can learn more about by exploring the community of Mindful Tech Leaders, which contains plenty of helpful resources on those (and related) topics, and you can connect with many fellow tech leaders (all levels), who are passionate about learning and applying new leadership methodologies.

Why 10X?

Because I believe in the power of transformational growth. Sure, small incremental steps are also valuable, but why not do a massive step change at once?

How do we measure Results and Success?

Over the first 2-3 weeks, you will establish your own LPA to form a solid base-line. Based on this outcome, the training will provide you with the tools and knowledge to craft your personal strategy that will help you to achieve the goal. Typically leaders start with an LPA of 1-2% and are able to bump this up to 10+% over a period of 4-6 months (sometimes even faster). It all depends on your commitment and effort.

Stop for a moment and reflect on what this actually means:

With an LPA of 1-2%, you are actually almost completely driven by your subconscious mind and old habitual reactive patterns. There is usually a high level of excessive thinking and mental chatter (the "voice in your head") that is a major source of stress.

Even with an increased LPA only by a few percent, you will feel a noticeable change in perception immediately and have a profound effect on your mindset.

In fact, you may not want go back to your "older" version of yourself even for a short period of time (or when you do, you will quickly notice and recover), as you don't want to miss the increased clarity and calmness that comes with an increased LPA.

Here is an attempt to illustrate the gravity of this transformative effect:

Imagine a person in the Middle Ages. The world looks blurry around her, but she never actually realized this, as this was her default experience. Now someone (magically) appears and hands her a pair of modern varifocal glasses. All of a sudden she experiences the world around her razor-sharp, crisp, and in full detail.

Or consider a person in the 70’s, who is watching his favorite cartoons on a black & white screen. Now someone (magically) appears and hands him a modern ultra-high definition 4K TV set.

I hope you get my point ...

Why the Training?

As you're reading these lines, you are already drawn to the topic of increasing your level of presence, and decreasing your mental chatter, as you realized its negative impact on your overall wellbeing, health, or leadership effectiveness.

Now, there is no "right" way to increase your LPA.

Today there are countless mindfulness programs, apps, videos, and tools available to choose from. And many of them are quite helpful. I encourage you to explore and experiment.

However, as a student of mindfulness, it took me more than 10 years to figure out what methods produce the best results. But more importantly, how to actually measure progress using reflection, systematic KPIs, but also leveraging the latest technology.

So you have a choice:

Spend also many years on figuring all this out by yourself, or take a shortcut.

Why wait if you can quickly have transformative results?

When is a good time to get started?

My (philosophical) answer to this is always: NOW

Realize there is no past or future (these are just mental concepts), but only this moment that you are experiencing NOW.

Therefore if you want to accelerate your personal and leadership transformation - let's get started NOW ...

If you're interested, I encourage you to set up a short exploratory get-to-know meeting, where I can provide more details on the training program, options, and how you can benefit from it quickly:




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“There is no better moment to increase your level of present awareness than NOW” –Reiner Kraft


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