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Toward a High-Performance Mind

Rewriting the software of your mind & body to think and function better

By Reiner Kraft, PhD



Reiner Kraft, Ph.D., former CTO, VP Engineering Zalando, and Silicon Valley tech veteran has pioneered measurable mindfulness, a data-driven approach to systematically increasing your level of present awareness (LPA),  as well as mindful leadership methodologies in the past 10 years and helped many people working in the tech industry to reach new levels of awareness, performance, energy, and resilience

As a scientist and engineer he decided back in 2012 it is time to rewrite the software of his mind ("mindOS") & body to think and function better.


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A unique 12-Week Program comprising an effective mix of training, masterminding, and coaching leveraging the latest science & cutting-edge technology.

​The program is designed for people who enjoy data, tech, numbers and clear KPIs when it comes to their own personal growth.  

You will systematically increase your level of present awareness (LPA) through measurable mindfulness, mind-management, and biohacking to  rewrite the software of your mind & body to think and function better using an agile and data-driven approach.

Are you ready to upgrade the software of your mindOS to think and function better? 


This is for a very small group of experienced tech or business leaders who want to systematically develop their leadership qualities while incorporating fresh impulses and new ideas. 

In this exclusive setup you can work at your own pace to reach new levels of awareness, performance, energy, and resilience quickly, and improve your overall qualities as a leader. 

You will be working directly with Reiner Kraft, Ph.D., who has successfully mentored and coached top executives in the tech industry for many years in an individual 1:1 setup.

Space in this exclusive program is extremely limited. 

Explore What is Possible

About Reiner Kraft, PhD

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Hi, I am Reiner, creator of the  High-Performance Mind program. 1996 I moved to Silicon Valley due to my passion for technology, research, and innovation in tech. In 2003 the MIT Technology Review recognized me next to Larry Page (co-founder of Google) or Jerry Yang (co-Founder of Yahoo!) as one of 100 Top-Innovators under the age of 30.

As a director of engineering at Yahoo! In Silicon Valley, I was known for my passion for tech, research, and innovation. I grew as a leader while managing various teams of up to 30 engineers. After some years of success, it became evident that my workload was just not sustainable, my mind wandered off, and my performance dropped. My mind was just unable to cope with the long-term pressure.

I couldn't keep up with the pace anymore and nearly burned out due to an overload of work, deadlines and information to handle. Creativity declined, and I missed out on some great opportunities due to increased levels of fear and stress. Negative thoughts and worries were preventing me from evolving as a tech leader.

But I knew I was more than capable of it.

As I realized the profound impact of mindfulness, I got motivated to learn and study the mind. That's how I immersed myself really deep into mind-management practices.

I found proof of their effectiveness as I built the Zalando's Search, Personalization, and Research organization with up to 400 FTEs. Most importantly, it felt way less trouble than I had back then with a 30 people organization at Yahoo! The main driver for this had been the mind-management practices I implemented and refined over the years.

After studying various aspects of mind-management, neuroscience, biohacking, epigenetics, mindfulness, as well as neurofeedback for over 10 years, I help tech leaders avoid failing in their careers because they have no science-driven strategy to manage their minds.

Benefits of a High-Performance Mindset

Increased Energy Levels

Get in charge of your mind and stop wasting precious energy on useless and negative thoughts, thus freeing up this energy for creative and highly productive tasks.

Empowered Decisions

You will achieve new levels of clarity and a deeper connection to your intuition to improve your decisions' qualities.

Calm Mind

As your number of thoughts per minute gradually decreases, your mind will gradually turn into a calm space of rest and tranquil relaxation.

Get out of negative Loops

Your worries, anxiety, and stress dissolves, as a highly trained mind is able to let stressful thoughts disappear like a cloud passing by in the sky.

Mind Processing Speed

That leads to increased processing speed, as well as an overall improvement within your executive brain functions that control decision making, and provide the foundation of your cognitive abilities

Improved Memory Access

Your memory access both, short-term as well as long-term retrieval, will be better off.

Increased Mental Focus

As your brain health improves, you will notice that your ability to focus will improve significantly while your levels of creativity and productivity surge.

Debug Reactive Patterns

improved access to your sub– and unconscious mind, which is the prerequisite to successfully debugging and upgrading your mindset.

10x Compassion

As your level of EQ increases, your compassion and empathy qualities are magnified, leading to deeper relationships and an increased level of trust in the teams.

More Time in Flow

As your level of present awareness (LPA) is rising, you will be more connected to the present moment. Achieving states of flow will happen effortlessly, more often, and last longer.

Elevated IQ and EQ

The practices to get to a high performant mind will result in an increase in your IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ).

A Healthier You

Your body awareness is increasing, which helps you make better choices regarding nutrition, exercise, and rest while creating a more balanced mix for your life. This leads to a healthier and more resilient body.

Explore What is Possible

Your Transformation with Measurable Mindfulness, Mind-Management, and Biohacking

The "Busy" and Fast Mind

The "Worrying" and Slow Mind

My mind is always on, and I can't slow down the number of thoughts and worries. Tight deadlines and an ever-increasing backlog make me feel overwhelmed. Recently it affected my sleep, as I wake up in the middle of the night and already start planning the next day. In the morning, I feel exhausted and lack energy.

There is this constant "nagging" in my mind that feels heavy and slows me down. I sometimes feel like an imposter and question my ability to deliver. One of my worries is that my teams eventually will find out. I work hard but feel like more work will not help me grow as a leader. It seems I'm stuck here, and this makes me feel even more stressed.

How Mind-Management can help?  

Start to take control of your mind, stop wasting energy with useless thoughts, and use this energy for creative and productive tasks instead.

How Mind-Management can help?  

Get out of that constant state of worrying and negativity by raising your level of present awareness (LPA) through measurable mindfulness. Become aware of your fears and doubts, then embrace and transcend them.

Train Your Mind You Will

Invest into the Mental Health of Yourself and Your Teams