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The High-Performance Mind

 Expand your Consciousness. Become a Better Leader. 

Rewriting the Software of your Mind and Body

A unique 3 Month Program comprising an effective mix of training, coaching and masterminding that leverages the latest science & cutting-edge technology.

Calm Mind

Stay calm and relaxed anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing alertness. Find tranquility in the midst of chaos⸺and enhance your productivity and decision-making skills.

More Energy and Resilience

Be able to get up in the morning, feeling energized and ready to conquer the world. Withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. Overcome major challenges with ease. 

Increased Focus

Get more done with less effort. Unlock the potential to achieve your goals efficiently. Accomplish more while maintaining a prolonged flow state.

Worry- and Fear-free

Free yourself from anxiety, negativity, and fear to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Face important decisions and opportunities

with calmness and strength.

Explore What is Possible

Designed From a Techie - For Individuals Who Like Data, Numbers, and clear KPIs

Reiner Kraf, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Reiner, the mind behind the High-Performance Mind program. In '96, I headed to Silicon Valley, fueled by tech passion. MIT Tech Review named me a Top Innovator under 30, right beside Larry Page and Jerry Yang. As a Yahoo! engineering director, I thrived managing teams of 30. Success came at a cost — workload overwhelmed, focus wavered, and burnout threatened.

But I wasn't settling. As a leader, I wanted to improve and achieve true leadership mastery. 

Mindfulness proved transformative. I crafted mind-management methods, guiding 400 at Zalando.


The result? Smoother than leading 30 at Yahoo!

However, many of my attempts to optimize my mind & body also failed. Back then, I also worked with many experts and coaches. They had good impulses and ideas, but somehow, I couldn't implement many of these ideas.

I suddenly became aware that my untrained mind, the "monkey mind", was actually the cause of this problem.


But how can I successfully train the mind?

So, over the last few years, I have immersed myself deeply in the topics of measurable mindfulness, neuroscience, and epigenetics and have developed so-called “Mind KPIs.”  I called the whole concept “High-Performance Mind” - a synergy of high levels of consciousness, a trained mind, and a healthy body with lots of energy and performance.


I could clearly see how my consciousness level changed for the better, and my monkey mind became calmer. 


The approach worked and since many tech leaders took advantage of this effective training program. 

Are you a leader or high-performance individual contributor working in tech and want to boost your leadership qualities?

In this short video Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. invites you to explore how the High-Performance Mind Training can accelerate your personal and leadership growth.

A Proven Strategy to "Tame" Your Monkey Mind

Become more Aware

  • Be more present

  • Observe your mind

  • But don't get entangled

-> Measurable Mindfulness

Train your Mind

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 11.04.05.png

Improve your Resilience & Energy Levels

  • Ensure your body & brain has everything it needs

    • Macro- and Micronutrients

    • Sleep

    • Recovery

    • Exercise

  • Get rid of old limiting thoughts and false beliefs

  • Replace them with more helpful ones (manifestation)

  • Letting go of old energy

-> Mind-Management (Neuroscience)

-> Biohacking (Epigenetics)

Your Transformation with Measurable Mindfulness, Mind-Management, and Biohacking

The "Busy" and Fast Mind

The "Worrying" and Slow Mind

“My mind races non-stop. The pressure of tight deadlines and an ever-increasing backlog make me feel overwhelmed. I wake in the night, planning the next day's tasks.  In the morning, I feel exhausted and lack energy…”

“A constant weight burdens my mind, slowing me down. Impostor syndrome creeps in, casting doubt on my abilities. The fear of being exposed nags at me, hindering my  growth as a leader. Stuck and stressed, working harder doesn't seem to break the cycle…”

How Mind Management can help?  

Regain command over your thoughts. Channel your energy away from fruitless musings and into productive creativity.

How Mind-Management can help?

Break free from perpetual negativity and worry. Raise your level of present awareness (LPA) with measurable mindfulness. Embrace and transcend your fears and uncertainties, escaping the cycle's grasp.

Explore What is Possible

A Training Program That Delivers Impactful Results

In this 12-week transformative program, you will learn how to achieve a state of a high-performance mindset by upgrading your mind and body, while cultivating more awareness in your life. 

Prevent Mental Exhaustion

Or worse, prevent burning out by proactively taming your monkey mind. Burnout has major consequences on all aspects of your life and requires significant turn-around and therapy time to recover. Be one step ahead! 

Empowered Decisions

You will achieve new levels of clarity and a deeper connection to your intuition to improve your decision qualities.

Stay in Flow

As your brain health improves, you will notice that your ability to focus will improve significantly while your levels of creativity and productivity surge. Stay in the ultimate state of flow for prolonged time periods.

Acquire self-knowledge through numbers

… using a data-driven approach with clear KPIs and the latest wearable tech: Harness the power of data to understand yourself better, track your progress, and achieve personal growth through measurable mindfulness practices.

Being Happy

Achieve higher levels of happiness and success by more skillfully managing relationships: Discover how mindfulness and improved communication skills can enrich your relationships and contribute to your overall happiness and success.

Improved Mental Capabilities

That leads to increased processing speed, as well as an overall improvement within your executive brain functions that control decision-making and provide the foundation of your cognitive abilities. Your memory access, both short-term and long-term retrieval, will be better off.

Increased Mental Agility