Why "Letting Go" should be part of your regular Mind Management Toolbox

We are usually holding on to old emotions and negative thoughts. Sometimes these were even triggered by traumas from our childhood or major life events from the past.

Every thought requires energy when it is produced. Electrons are moved within our brain to facilitate our thinking activity. When you don’t fuel a thought by identifying with it, you will notice that it disappears after a short time. The average “lifetime” of a thought ranges typically between 5 to 20 seconds. The energy is released then.

However, suppose you identify yourself particularly with negative thoughts. In that case, this may trigger and create a negative feedback loop, where new thoughts are being generated in greater intensity within a short time frame. While being identified with these thoughts you are actually continuously feeding them with new energy.

If you cling to those negative thoughts the energy is not being released. And as you still know from physics class in high school energy can’t be lost.

So, where does it go?

As we’re learning more about quantum physics in the past decades it became clear that when you go below the subatomic level we’re basically made of energy that is stretched mostly over empty space. While we still need to learn a lot on the science side to explain how areas such as energy medicine actually works, we observe that there are numerous applications (e.g., like Reiki) that produce reproducible results.

If you browse Youtube on this topic of energy medicine or healing you will be amazed at the number of videos showing people self-healing themselves from a disease, or energy healers in action who perform healing work that cannot be explained with the current state of science. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t exist. It just means we haven’t figured out yet how it really works.

In all of these cases there is no special power needed. Anyone can learn some basics on how to manipulate energy, and one of the proven methods is through visualization while being in a meditative state.

The good news is we do not need to understand all the science to benefit from its application. What I care about is getting results that can be reliably measured. I usually look at proven bio markers, such as HRV (heart rate variability) as a proxy for resilience that have been exhaustively studied within the science community in the past decades.

Going back to the question, where does the energy from your daily negative thoughts that you cling on go?

As it is not released the energy will simply be stored in your body's energy field.

Not a big deal initially. It happens every day. But over time, this stagnant energy accumulates and may become a problem eventually when it reaches a tipping point.

You may then feel some- sometimes unpleasant- bodily sensations or experience signs of stress, anxiety, which are increasing gradually in intensity if the underlying energy causing these symptoms in your body is not released periodically.

Worse, your body actually needs the energy to keep it locked up and suppressed in this stale state. That means you are basically wasting your energy on old useless stuff that is a source of stress and suffering instead of using it for creating new ideas that are helpful toward accomplishing your life’s mission.

It’s clear that you want to get rid of this old energy and stale emotions.

But how?