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Why Are Personal OKRs Crucial to Achieve Leadership Mastery?

As a leader or business owner, you are most probably familiar with the OKRs framework of setting objectives, corresponding key results, and clear KPIs to reach your goals.

This framework uses two components to set and track goals: objectives and key results that are measurable so that you can see what kind of progress you make. It goes the same for achieving true leadership mastery.

I realized that many tech leaders I have coached lacked strategies for their personnel and leadership growth; they didn't have personal OKRs to reach the state of a high-performance mindset.

Why are personal OKRs crucial to achieving true leadership mastery?

Personal OKRs provide a clear sense of purpose and direction; it’s your North Star, so to speak.

These clear, measurable goals help you stay focused and motivated while providing a framework for evaluating progress and making adjustments as needed.

At the end of the day, if there is no clear plan in place, you lack the visibility and clarity that can take your overall growth as a leader and as a person to the next level. This is why personal OKRs are a powerful tool for achieving true leadership mastery.

The concept of a high-performance mind, which I talk about in many different videos, has proven to support this very nicely. Because at the core of the High-Performance mindset, there is there are three pillars:

  1. High Level of Present Awareness (LPA)

  2. Optimized mind, the "software"

  3. Optimized body, the "hardware"

If you combine all these three aspects (mind, body, and awareness), you can achieve amazing results!

That's why the high-performance mindset as a framework helps you to organize those OKRs. You can then go into key results aligned with a high-performance mindset, giving you ideas on how to measure certain things.

Let's say you want to increase your level of focus.

Then you can use the high-performance mindset as a framework and examine what you need to be more focused. For example, you definitely need more awareness, an upgraded mind that doesn't get distracted all the time when stuff comes up, and you need more energy in your body to sustain the flow state and focus.

So you can see very quickly that this is a really good combination of how things can be aligned.

Therefore, I’m proposing using personal OKRs and combining them with the high-performance mindset framework.

I encourage you also to watch this short video on this subject, where I motivate to use personal OKRs:

Take Action:

Join me in the upcoming Meetup “Make 2023 a Truly Transformative Year With Clear Personal OKRs” on Tuesday, 24th January from 5 PM to 6 PM (CET) to find out:

✅ How you can define your own personal OKRs that matter, which is aligned with the high-performance mind framework

✅ Key results that tie back to strategic objectives and help focus on what matters most to you.

✅ How to track progress to keep you aligned with those objectives.

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