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The "Change One Billion Thoughts" Challenge

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I have this wild idea.

Imagine you could identify one limiting thought or false belief, like „I can‘t do ...“ or „I‘m not good at ...“ that you believe is true, but when reflecting deeply you'll find out it is not true at all. That insight would grow your consciousness and start a transformation in you, as you'll realise this is just a start and there are potentially more limiting thoughts to inquire.

Now let‘s consider if you share this idea with friends and they do the same.

We can grow global consciousness on this planet and make the world a better place.

One thought at a time.

I think this is an idea worth spreading.

Think about one thought you have believed so far. Can you be sure it is absolutely true? If not replace it with another one that is positive and true.

Leave a comment with a thought you no longer believe.

Share this with your friends so they can do the same and also help to grow global consciousness.

One thought at a time.

I started this idea on Sept. 1, 2018. Please join me and let us together touch the lives of 1 billion people on this planet!


Q: How do I go about discovering these limiting thoughts?

A: There are different ways to identify limiting thoughts and false beliefs. Please also check out my blog post and video on this topic for more details. I’m describing four options that you can combine to derive at potential limiting thought candidates: 1) Self reflection 2) Looking what irritates you in other people 3) Obtaining external feedback 4) Actively observing your thoughts.

Q: How can I replace a limiting thought with a more positive one?

A: The change happens in your mind automatically once you realize that a thought you had believed is true is after all not true. This knowledge is sufficient to trigger a change in your subconscious mind. You can then replace this thought with another one which is positive and true. Please check also out my blog post and video on this topic for more details.

Q: How do you know you have changed one billion thoughts?

A: This is indeed very difficult to track and needs to be approximated. You can track over time on social media how many people liked the article, viewed the video, and shared it with friends using the hashtag #changeonebillionthoughts. Based on that you can make some reasonable assumptions. Overall I do not want to get to obsessed with the tracking part of this ambitious goal. Its primary purpose is more for guidance and motivation, as it is the change in one’s behavior that gets triggered during the process that affects consciousness growth in many people. Even if after some years let’s say this challenge would have changed 10.000 thoughts and touched 2.000 people it was still worthwhile to do and had a positive impact on global consciousness growth.

Q: How can I contribute to this challenge and help?

A: There are several ways you can easily contribute and help.

  • First, you should apply the idea on yourself. Find at least one limiting thought, and inquire whether you can be sure it is absolutely true. I encourage you to use a diary or journal where you write down these thoughts and also your result of the inquiry.

  • Second, follow me on Instagram @themindfulleader and share the challenge with your friends.

  • Third, become an ambassador of this idea and spread it actively through the world. Come up with your own ideas to promote it and let me know if I can help.  

I’m always open for brainstorming new ideas.

Follow me on Instagram and spread the word - @themindfulleader

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