Identifying your Limiting Thoughts and False Beliefs

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In a previous article I highlighted the importance of identifying and having clarity on your top 6-8 personal values. After working through the suggested process and spending some time to reflect on what your personal values are, you can then start to consciously apply and live these values on a daily basis and use them for guidance on all your decisions.

One problem I pointed out is that there are usually hidden thoughts or “false beliefs” in your subconscious mind that might sabotage living your values. These negative thoughts hold you back from living a purposeful live and prevent or slow down your personal growth to become the best version of yourself.

It appears to me that too many people are caught up in these limiting thoughts. Just imagine if only 1% of humanity would realize this and put their focus on identifying their limiting thoughts or false beliefs and gradually reprogramming them. This would lead to an enormous growth of global consciousness on this planet.

For that reason I created the “Change One Billion Thoughts” #changeonebillionthoughts challenge. The process I describe below will provide you with tools to uncover limiting thoughts which reside in you and confront them. I then encourage you to contribute to the challenge by replacing one false belief or thought you had with a positive one and spread the word about the challenge to others, so that they can do the same.

For example, if you believe a thought like “it is safer to stay at home” you may have trouble fulfilling the value of “adventure”. Opportunities may arise (e.g. a friend may invite you for a weekend of skydiving) but you will find excuses and decline such an invitation. Just by believing a thought that is not true! If you would have consciously inquired that thought and validated whether it is really true, you would have come to the conclusion that it is indeed not true. If that realization and confrontation takes place, the false thought will gradually lose its power and you can replace it with a new, more helpful thought like “life outside your home is an adventure, take advantage of it.”

Therefore I suggest the following three steps to systematically “reprogram your bio computer” (aka your brain):

  • First identify false beliefs or limiting thoughts, and write them down for clarity as a list of „thought candidates“ for inquiry.

  • Then by looking at your list, those thoughts become tangible to your conscious mind. Review and inquire them one by one to determine whether they are really true and you can be absolutely and 100% sure about it.

  • If not, realize this thought is not true and no longer serves you well. By making a thought visible to your conscious mind, and realising it is no longer true, it gradually starts to fade and have an impact in your daily life.

  • You can also decide to replace it with a more helpful thought that is aligned with your personal values.

Identifying your limiting thoughts and beliefs is actually the harder part, and this is the focus of this article. Many of those hidden thoughts live deep in our subconscious mind and bringing them to the surface is a tedious and diligent process. In addition, your ego may try to trick you or prevent you from looking at the truth deep down inside of you.

First, you have to be very honest to yourself. In many cases the “root” of the underlying thought is buried below another more surface level thought.

For example, a surface level thought might be “I need to be perfect”. However, if you ask the deeper question of why you have to be perfect, you may discover a thought such as “I’m not good enough, therefore I need to show how good I am and what I can do on a daily basis is perfection”.

There are several ways I suggest to gradually uncover these limiting thoughts: