Forget about Personal Growth

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

… instead become more concerned with growing your level of consciousness, which will indirectly fuel your personal growth!

Upon becoming less concerned about certain goals you may have set, and direct more attention toward training your mind as a versatile vessel of your consciousness, personal growth becomes a side effect.

Let me explain …

For those of you working on the topic of personal growth or transformation, there are three important dimensions to consider: The brain, the human mind and consciousness.

Since these terms are usually associated with different meanings, and each of us may have a different understanding, I thought it would be helpful to first explain them clearly.

As a next step once we have developed a shared understanding, and we want to personally grow in each of these areas, we are able to determine performance indicators on how we can measure progress.

We will also understand why training the mind to increase your level of consciousness is a prerequisite for your personal growth.

Therefore if you are not familiar with the differences between brain, mind, and consciousness, you will not be able to succeed in personal growth or achieve mediocre results at best.

The separation between mind and consciousness is critical, and can be experienced with simple exercises.

Consciousness is awareness, and the underlying motivation for all your transformation efforts.

Have you ever tried to lose some weight and gave up after a while?

Have you ever signed up for a class you really were motivated to complete and then dropped out or quit in the middle of it and had a bad conscience?

Have you ever reacted in way as a response to a situation too harshly, and felt sorry afterwards, knowing there were better ways to respond yet you didn’t chose them?

This is where consciousness will give you the superpowers to stay on track and quickly make more quality decisions. But let’s first understand the basics …

The Brain

We can distinguish between raw brain capacity for signal processing and problem solving, and memory.

Memory allows you to store information, but there is also working memory to support faster processing of information.

Brain capacity is more static and can be evaluated through various IQ tests. It shows the brain's overall ability for complex problem solving.

Working memory on the other hand is how much horsepower you have available for processing information.