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A truly Transformative Training
10x Presence & Self-Awareness
by Reiner Kraft, PhD

What You'll Get From 10X Presence & Self-Awareness

If you commit to this 4-6 months training: absorb and understand the teachings, integrate them into your daily life by regular practice, and complete the weekly challenges, you will see a continuous rise in your level of presence, and as well significant results of transformation happening

The course is designed to fuel and accelerate your consciousness growth if you put in the required time and effort! 

This is a unique training based on a systematic and scientific approach to mindfulness with clear and measurable progressIn particular, the goals are to: 

  • Increase your level of present awareness (LPA) by a factor of 10

  • Setting the foundation for a successful resilience training while decreasing your stress levels (see also my "Double your Resilience" training)

  • Built-up your capability of self-awareness and self-reflection to improve the quality of your decisions and focus on the most essential topics that matter in your life

In this short video, I explain and motivate why I have created this transformative training and what you can expect. 


Contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone


A Training Program that Delivers Results


Over the past years in my own experience, I realized that the most important capabilities of a successful leader that give you an instant "boost" on your overall leadership qualities are:

  • An increased level of present awareness (LPA) - basically the time you are fully aware, alert, and connected with the present moment 

  • Strengthening your capabilities of self-awareness & self-reflection

  • Increased stress resilience to be strong, bounce back if needed, and high levels of energy to get stuff done 

  • The ability to transcend fear and to manage your stress levels

  • Being strongly connected with your intuition

The course is structured in a logical manner to focus on these and give you the maximum impact and results, with about a minimum effort of 1-2 hours per week. In fact, the training, in many cases, requires no extra time but allows you to create mindful moments during any situation of your day. 

This makes it easy to incorporate the training into your (already) busy schedule.

The Structure of the Training


During the training, we will explore together, with the help of myself and the support community of this course (plus the Mindful Tech Leader community), a total of 3 focus topics in depth.  

Each focus topic is nicely structured, optimized, and designed to teach capabilities built on top of each other.

For each focus topic, there is knowledge to absorb, methods to master, and metrics (KPIs) to understand how to measure your progress.


I'll introduce proven methods to apply what you learned into your daily life systematically. In addition, we will do exercises when appropriate to explore certain aspects of the topic in more depth.

Note: Only knowledge that you actually apply becomes helpful and produces results!

For each focus topic, there is a challenge. This challenge gives you a clear goal to achieve in order to graduate to the next level. 

You will learn how to put together your own unique strategy to master the challenge successfully. 

Each challenge has a clear outcome so that you can measure and evaluate your progress.

Only if you achieve mastery level on a focus topic will you advance to the next level.


These are the focus topics:


  • Part 1: Mindfulness - Training the Muscle of your Mind

  • Part 2: Fundamentals of Consciousness and Awareness "Fitness"

  • Part 3: Learn how to establish a simple Meditation Routine and regular Journaling

  • Bonus: An Overview of the 7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, Mind-Management, Biohacking, and where to continue. 

There are more than 15+ effective methods, measured by 8+ KPIs, that you have at your disposal.


In addition, there are always new types of methods emerging to train and upgrade your mind. With the proposed framework, you learn to evaluate them effectively, whether they are helpful in producing results or not. 

When you apply the teachings and methods to your daily life and routine, you will learn to live a little more consciously every day!


You will begin to experience yourself as consciousness, and a shift in your mindset will be initiated.


It requires no prior knowledge of Mindfulness or Mindful Leadership. 


This is an entry-level training designed for leaders (all levels and experiences). We will cover all the fundamentals and build a strong foundation. 


Once you have mastered level 1 of this training, I encourage you to start in parallel my training "Double your Resilience." There we will also cover an introduction to biohacking, stress resilience, and overcoming fear. If your average stress level over the past 5-7 days is greater than 5 (on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the highest stress level), then it is time to act. 

1:1 Training & Coaching


To optimally support your journey, I offer both exclusive 1:1 training. 

This way, you won't get stuck, and accountability is built into the program.  


You will have access to my training platform, the Mindful Tech Leaders community; you can also learn from other participants while discussing questions and clarifications - an excellent opportunity to connect and mastermind! 

It is a profound experience that will have a very fundamental impact on your life.

You will typically notice results and changes in your mindset and perception, as well as a significant increase in your level of present awareness already within the first 2-3 weeks. 



I had the privilege of working  with many talented tech and business leaders in the past years, who were able to successfully graduate from the training, while achieving impactful results. 

I, therefore, encourage you to review their testimonials on my LinkedIn profile


Contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone

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