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Getting Started with Mindful Technology Leadership

Reiner Kraft, PhD

The importance and benefits of Mindfulness to fuel and accelerate your personal and leadership growth

Applying Mindfulness to your personal and leadership growth will produce lasting and sustainable improvements. For example:

  • Mindfulness is cultivating your consciousness growth

  • This allows you to systematically train and upgrade your mind

  • Your ability of self-reflection, emotional intelligence (EQ) increases. This way you become a better collaborator and communicator

  • You are more strongly connected  with your intuition to make better quality decisions

  • Achieve clarity on your mission and purpose in life

In this short 9 minute video I explain and motivate, why you should care about using Mindfulness as well as Mindful Technology Leadership to fuel your personal and leadership growth, raise your level of consciousness, and what type of results you can expect. 


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In this free 20 minute Webinar below, I provide an overview and guidance on how to effectively getting started on approaching the topic of Mindful Technology Leadership.

In particular:

  • How can I leverage the benefits of Mindfulness personally and as a leader?

  • A walk-though the "7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership", a structured framework  to guide you in your journey of becoming a Mindful Leader.

  • An overview of relevant resources that are helpful for your next steps.

  • What you can expect from my new online course "A Novel Approach to Mindful Leadership". 

  • Why a support community like "The Fellowship of Mindful Leaders" is increasing your chance of success.

  • The importance of systematically measuring and evaluating your progress.

  • Different coaching options that are helpful to generate a massive step-change in your personal growth over a short time period. 

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