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Become a Better Leader and Mind Master in just 3-Months 

The High-Performance Mind

Rewrite the Software of Your Mind & Body to Think and Function Better

A unique 3-Month Program comprising an effective mix of training, coaching and masterminding leveraging the latest science & cutting-edge technology

Calm Mind

Stay calm and relaxed anytime, anywhere, while being fully alert and focused: Imagine having the ability to find tranquility in the midst of chaos, enhancing your productivity and decision-making.

Increased Levels of Energy & Resilience

Being able to get up in the morning, feeling energized and ready to conquer the world with the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties or overcome major challenges with ease. 

Increased Focus

Increase your focus and get more done with less effort: Unlock the potential to achieve your goals efficiently, allowing you to accomplish more while maintaining a clear and focused mind.

Worry & Fear Free

Get out of constant worries, negativity, and fear to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. Lack of trust in yourself leads to mediocre decisions and missing out on big opportunities. Constant fear leads to stress and has a detrimental impact on your overall health and well-being.

Explore What is Possible

Designed From a Techie - For Individuals Who Like Data, Numbers, and clear KPIs

Hi, I'm Reiner, the mind behind the High-Performance Mind program. In '96, I headed to Silicon Valley, fueled by tech passion. MIT Tech Review named me a Top Innovator under 30, right beside Larry Page and Jerry Yang. As a Yahoo! engineering director, I thrived managing teams of 30. Success came at a cost — workload overwhelmed, focus wavered, and burnout threatened.

But I wasn't settling.

Mindfulness proved transformative. I crafted mind-management methods, guiding 400 at Zalando. The result? Smoother than leading 30 at Yahoo!

Years delving into neuroscience, biohacking, and more led to a revelation. Today, armed with a decade of knowledge, I empower leaders and high-achieving individuals in tech with science-based strategies to prevent career pitfalls.

Become the Master of Your Mind - Train Your Mind You Will

Prevent Mental Exhaustion by taking a proactive Approach

"To achieve a state of a high-performance mind, I have developed a highly structured and data-driven 12-week training program leveraging the latest science and technology to assist ambitious & committed individuals in optimizing their mind and brain performance to thrive in high-pressure environments ..."

A Proven Strategy to "Tame" Your Monkey Mind

Become more Aware

  • Be more present

  • Observe your mind

  • But don't get entangled

-> Measurable Mindfulness

Train your Mind

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 11.04.05.png

Improve your Resilience & Energy Levels

  • Ensure your body & brain has everything it needs

    • Macro- and Micronutrients

    • Sleep

    • Recovery

    • Exercise

  • Get rid of old limiting thoughts and false beliefs

  • Replace them with more helpful ones (manifestation)

  • Letting go of old energy

-> Mind-Management (Neuroscience)

-> Biohacking (Epigenetics)

Your Transformation with Measurable Mindfulness, Mind-Management, and Biohacking

The "Busy" and Fast Mind

The "Worrying" and Slow Mind

“My mind races non-stop. The pressure of tight deadlines and an ever-increasing backlog make me feel overwhelmed. I wake in the night, planning the next day's tasks.  In the morning, I feel exhausted and lack energy…”

“A constant weight burdens my mind, slowing me down. Impostor syndrome creeps in, casting doubt on my abilities. The fear of being exposed nags at me, hindering my  growth as a leader. Stuck and stressed, working harder doesn't seem to break the cycle…”

How Mind Management can help?  

Regain command over your thoughts. Channel your energy away from fruitless musings and into productive creativity.

How Mind-Management can help?

Break free from perpetual negativity and worry. Raise your level of present awareness (LPA) with measurable mindfulness. Embrace and transcend your fears and uncertainties, escaping the cycle's grasp.

Explore What is Possible

A Training Program That Delivers Impactful Results

In this 12-week transformative program, you will learn how to achieve a state of a high-performance mindset by upgrading your mind and body, while cultivating more awareness in your life. 

Prevent Mental Exhaustion

Or worse, prevent burning out by proactively taming your monkey mind. Burnout has major consequences on all aspects of your life and requires significant turn-around and therapy time to recover. Be one step ahead! 

Empowered Decisions

You will achieve new levels of clarity and a deeper connection to your intuition to improve your decision qualities.

Stay in Flow

As your brain health improves, you will notice that your ability to focus will improve significantly while your levels of creativity and productivity surge. Stay in the ultimate state of flow for prolonged time periods.

Acquire self-knowledge through numbers

… using a data-driven approach with clear KPIs and the latest wearable tech: Harness the power of data to understand yourself better, track your progress, and achieve personal growth through measurable mindfulness practices.

Being Happy

Achieve higher levels of happiness and success by more skillfully managing relationships: Discover how mindfulness and improved communication skills can enrich your relationships and contribute to your overall happiness and success.

Improved Mental Capabilities

That leads to increased processing speed, as well as an overall improvement within your executive brain functions that control decision-making and provide the foundation of your cognitive abilities. Your memory access, both short-term and long-term retrieval, will be better off.

Increased Mental Agility

So you can spend quality time with your family and loved ones at home and improve the quality of your relationships and connections. Finally, you can turn off the "voice in your head" and relax when desired while switching into a focused execution mode if needed.

A Healthier You

Your body awareness is increasing, which helps you make better choices regarding nutrition, exercise, and rest while creating a more balanced mix for your life. This leads to a healthier and more resilient body.

10x Compassion

As your level of present awareness (LPA) increases, your compassion and empathy qualities are magnified, leading to deeper relationships and an increased level of trust in the teams.

Elevated IQ and EQ

The practices to get to a high-performance mind will increase your IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ), which is the foundation for many desirable personal leadership qualities. 

Explore What is Possible

Measurable Mindfulness

A Systematic Path to more Awareness and a High-Performance Mind

Scientist on Computer

As a scientist, I initially viewed mindfulness with skepticism, considering it somewhat nebulous. However, a shift occurred when I experienced those "Aha" moments a few years ago. This propelled me into what I now call "Measurable Mindfulness" – a systematic approach leading to a high-performance mind and true self.


Over time, I uncovered additional "mind" KPIs, which, combined with wearable-tracked metrics, form the foundation of our training.


Engaging with over 10 impactful wearable KPIs and manual mind KPIs, you'll gain insights into assessment, baseline establishment, and crucially, enhancement.


Welcome the upgrade to heightened mindfulness and mastery.


Upgrade Your “Mind Software” (“MindOS”)


In a world filled with distractions, an untrained mind can easily lose focus, entangled in self-talk and excessive thoughts.


I envision the mind as software ("mindOS") running on your brain's "hardware."


Just as software can be debugged and improved, your mind can be too.


After a decade of refining various methods, I've created a comprehensive "mind management" approach—an essential skill for everyone. This involves tracking 10+ manual mind KPIs to assess, establish baselines, and enhance your practice.


Upgrade Your Body, “The Hardware,” Based on the Science of Epigenetics


Neglecting our bodies is common until symptoms of misuse appear.


Biohacking might sound trendy, but it's about shaping your biology intentionally.


By altering your internal and external environment, you gain control over your health.


This proactive journey involves scientific evidence and an experimental mindset, employing measured changes to optimize sleep, nutrition, micronutrient support, intermittent fasting, exercise, and detoxification.


Vital biomarkers like Vitamin D are tracked to evaluate progress, often through convenient at-home tests.

Bullet Journal


Develop your own KPI Cockpit

Embrace data-driven training with clear KPIs. Learn relevant mind and brain health indicators, track them in your evolving "KPI cockpit," and follow the measure-build-learn-repeat mantra.


Apply agile methodologies to craft your KPI dashboard in the early weeks for lasting transformation.

Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 10.28.05.png

Use Tech

Leverage Latest Wearable Tech For Actionable Insights

Partnered with ONVY Health, we integrate wearable tech for seamless data aggregation. ONVY App and recommended wearables like the Oura ring calculate stress, recovery, mindfulness, and balance scores. It's your intelligent companion for body-mind balance.


Own your health, unlock potential – we guide you every step.



Embark on a 3-Month Transformative Journey

This program is designed to be truly transformative. In month 1, you will set up your own KPI dashboard and feedback loop. You will learn about your most crucial mind KPIs and biomarkers, how to track them and establish a baseline
In month 2, you will start experimenting with setting up your own mind-management practice and find the style that works for you. 
In month 3, you will solidify to operationalize your practice and learn how to apply your new "high-performance mind" capabilities in your daily personal and work context.

Important KPIs to measure Success

To validate your progress, these are (some of) the important KPIs you will learn how to start tracking, monitoring, and strategies on how to improve them systematically.

Level of Present Awareness (LPA)

Gauge the percentage of mindful minutes among your total waking hours. Boosting LPA enhances mental control, flexibility, self-reflection, and resilience.


Start around 1% - 2% and aim to increase it tenfold, surpassing 10% (equivalent to 100 mindful minutes daily).

Avg. Number of Thoughts per Minute (TPM)

Fewer thoughts signify calmness.


Establish your TPM baseline, discern thinking patterns, and set achievable goals for gradual reduction.

Sleep Score (Oura)

Solid sleep is a pivotal biohack for brain health.


Using the Oura ring, track sleep quality and strive for a score above 80 (or up to 100) to align with stress reduction goals.

HRV (heart rate variability)

Reflects your body's stress self-regulation and resilience.


Monitor HRV during sleep or mornings, aiming for relative improvement over time, aligned with your baseline.

For whom is this 12-week Training Program relevant?



This training is perfect for those seeking to harness a solid mind-management practice and quiet their "monkey mind" while enhancing overall well-being through cutting-edge epigenetic science and biohacking techniques.

We've catered to diverse roles in the tech industry, including:


  • Software Engineering

  • Data Science & Research

  • Product Management

  • Design / UX

  • Marketing & Business

Tech leaders have also found immense value in refining their leadership qualities.


By nurturing presence and self-awareness, you'll unlock better decision-making, resilience, and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Yen Rechnungen und Münzen

Invest / Gain

Allocate just 5 weekly hours to training and recoup over 10 hours!

Your time invested here pays off.


Participants often regain around 2 hours daily on average.


You'll learn methods to reclaim time from busy schedules and thwart mental fatigue. Heightened well-being follows suit, accompanied by increased productivity, energy, and clarity.

Workshop in Arbeit


Join Our (free) Bi-Quarterly Workshops!

Uncover the high-performance mindset and understand your "monkey mind" in our insightful workshop.


Each session spotlights relevant topics that elevate your presence, mind, and body.

Under the motto "learn & connect," this interactive workshop offers practical insights and instant applications. 


Join us to explore the path to a high-performance mind and have your questions answered!

Overview of the Program Modules

You will work in parallel on 3 tracks of execution using an agile approach:
Awareness, Upgrading your "mindOS," while optimizing your body ("the hardware") 

10x Presence & Awareness:
Boost Your Awareness Reliably Through Measurable Mindfulness Training

Upgrade your Body ("the Hardware") through Science of Epigenetics using an Agile Process based on Biohacking 

Getting Started with Mind-Management Leveraging Latest Neuroscience

What is included in the Program?

There are two training options:


  1. The High-Performance Mind - Standard Edition 

  2. The High-Performance Mind - Premium Coaching  


Empower Yourself:


Craft your own KPI cockpit and feedback loop, refining your progress through iterative learning.

Personalized Application:

Formulate your own OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for personal or professional utilization. Unleash the power of high-performance thinking for immediate workplace impact.

Harness Wearable Tech:

Utilize cutting-edge wearable tech, such as Oura ring, Neuphony Neurofeedback, HeartMath HRV, or Mendi brain training, for insightful biofeedback measurements.

Your Journey, Your Pace:

Spare 15-20 minutes daily for learning, practicing, journaling, and reflecting. A small commitment with impactful results.


Foundation for Success:

In just 12 weeks, establish a solid groundwork for achieving your high-performance mind. Embark on a transformative journey toward your peak potential.

Training Schedule

You can join the training any time during the year. We work in small group sizes and space is usually very limited - save your spot now! 

Standard Edition

  • Bi-Weekly Q&A meetings (45 minutes) hosted by Reiner Kraft, PhD 

  • Weekly teachings & content (videos, text) on a focus topic, brain health, and increasing your LPA, with suggestions and actionable advice on how to integrate into your personal lifestyle; expect to set aside up to 2-3 hours per week for learning

  • We encourage you to network and mastermind with your peers or graduates of the program on our learning platform

Introductory Pricing (until 15.9.23):

1750 Euro  ($1950 USD)

Premium Coaching

In addition to the standard edition there are the following perks

  • Initial assessment & strategy session (up to 1.5 hours) with Reiner Kraft, PhD to jumpstart your personal OKRs 

  • 6 Bi-Weekly coaching calls (up to 45 min)  with an experienced and certified HPI (Human Potential Institute) coach for extra support and accountability. 

  • Final 1:1 review meeting (1 hour) with Dr. Reiner Kraft, Ph.D., reflecting on progress and certification potential as a "Mind Master," which can be added to your LinkedIn Profile

Introductory Pricing (until 15.9.23):

4450 Euro ($4850 USD)

Explore What is Possible

Why this Training Delivers Results