The Qualities of a Mindful Leader

Updated: May 10, 2020

In earlier posts I had described the Seven Pillars of Mindful Leadership - important prerequisites and dimensions for your growth as a leader. I also described how you could become a Mindful Leader, and built up a higher level of present awareness to systematically grow your consciousness and upgrade your mind.

There are common qualities associated with good leadership, like honesty, confidence, creativity, being decisive, inspirational, and strong communication skills that most people agree upon in the business world. If you browse through some web pages, blogs, and read a few good leadership books you can collect a comprehensive list of these qualities that will resonate with you.

What are the Capabilities and Qualities of a Mindful Leader?

First, all capabilities and qualities that are associated with good leadership, also apply to mindful leadership.

Training your mind and elevating your level of consciousness (LOC) will enhance your existing leadership capabilities.

However, there will be additional capabilities that are required to become a Mindful Leader. If you have studied the suggested Seven Pillars of Mindful Leadership, there is pillar one that is associated with growing your consciousness and shifting your mindset. In addition, pillars two, three, and four focus on training and upgrading your mind. Pillar five is about achieving clarity on your purpose, vision, and mission.

If you work on your own personal and leadership growth focusing on each of those five pillars, you will systematically elevate your level of consciousness by training your mind. Your consciousness therefore is an enabler for a variety of new capabilities that were dormant in you, waiting to be awakened.

These new capabilities therefore define a Mindful Leader and distinguish an “old school” leader from a Mindful Leader.

Is Mindfulness itself a Capability? 

Mindfulness itself is not a capability, but a mindset, process, and catalyst.  

“Being mindful is the foundation for cultivating consciousness growth.”

It also leads to a higher level of present awareness. Through regular mindfulness practises and meditation your existing capabilities as a leader will be greatly improved.

In addition, this will also raise your ability of self-reflection and increases your level of self awareness. Both of these capabilities are a key foundation for your growth as a person and a leader.

Furthermore, in my experience enhancing your mindfulness practice with heart centered attitudes like gratitude, kindness, and forgiveness, will take your practise to a higher level.