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The 12 Ingredients of a New Workplace

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Over the past decades I have gained vast experience leading high-impact technological organizations both large and small, and have spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley. 

Furthermore, I have worked in larger company setups (such as IBM Research, Yahoo and Zalando), as well as technology startups (i.e. Yunar), and therefore collected valuable learnings and practical, hands-on leadership experience. 

I observed thriving organizations, but also toxic and hostile work environments that caused stress and frustration to everyone. It took effort just to show up in the morning, and a place like this can quickly drain energy and morale, preventing employees from applying it toward achieving an important business objective or improving products that would help people in this world. 

Typically, top talent will not stick around for long in such places, and will rather leave to join other companies that look more appealing. But what makes these companies look so appealing?

There is the saying that you don’t leave your job, but you leave your manager. It is the (combined) leadership team that shapes the quality of your Workplace. 

In the past 5 years, I started experimenting with Mindful Leadership and applied it to my leadership style and organizations with the goal of transforming my organizations into a New Workplace

I reflected and asked myself these questions:

  • What makes up a good and thriving place to work? 

  • What principles and ideas can have a positive impact on my organization(s) independent of the context?

  • What values are important?

  • How can I measure progress or success?

  • What is the process of decision making?

In all of these questions there is no right or wrong. It is more about what is helpful toward achieving your company’s mission, and what isn’t.

Every situation requires a unique approach based on your specific context and intent. 

However, when observing what worked well and what didn’t work well, 

I compiled these 12 Ingredients which I have come to realize are profound in shaping a New Workplace, where people grow and thrive, working purposefully, and ideas flourish - to make positive and sustainable contributions to this planet.

  1. A leadership team committed to living mindful leadership principles

  2. An inspirational vision and a clear mission to guide decisions and prioritization

  3. Purpose alignment (on individual, team, org level)

  4. Support for your teams on their journey toward autonomy

  5. A strong commitment to mastery and growth

  6. Organizational values that are transparent and lived by example 

  7. Being concerned with your team’s overall health

  8. A culture that appreciates simplicity and clear communication

  9. Working in unity as one virtual team 

  10. Building up a non-stressful performance culture based on trust 

  11. A mindset of doing less, but better

  12. A data-driven approach to decision making and solving a customer’s problems

In upcoming articles I will dive deeper into each of them. 

For now I encourage you to reflect upon these. 

  • Do they resonate with you?

  • Are there others missing? 

As always looking forward to your feedback and comments!

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