Proven Methods to cultivate your Consciousness Growth, upgrade your Mind, and become a better Leader

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Over the past years while working as a technology leader in a variety of different contexts in different locations (Silicon Valley, Berlin), while scaling organizations, and tackling hard technical problems, I realized that the hardest challenges are related to leadership and collaboration, not the technical aspects.

In particular, building up a strong leadership team to provide the necessary guidance and support for an organization to facilitate communication and collaboration so it can flourish and thrive represents always a major challenge.

While I was experimenting with applying Mindful Leadership to my leadership style (see also the “12 Mindful Leadership Principles”) and my organizations, it became clear that the majority of leaders lack the necessary training and capabilities to actually apply Mindful Leadership consistently.

In my article "The Mindful Leader Mindset - How to Transform Your Leadership Effectiveness to a new Level" I describe those challenges and a required transformation process. However, such a transformation process requires a strong motivation, willpower, and an open mindset.

Many of them were motivated, but still couldn’t follow through.


The “muscle of the mind” similar to your body needs regular training to become stronger over time. This training is based on the foundation and principles of mindfulness and has been scientifically validated in countless research papers and articles.

However, there are different aspects of consciousness growth, as well as certain focus areas that I identified over time to upgrade your mind. Especially if you are new to the area of mindfulness, there are a plethora of resources, courses, workshops, and videos that are addressing certain aspects of it.

How to get started?

To make it easier to systematically learn Mindful Leadership from the ground up I created a structured framework, the “7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership”, to organize this training effectively using a scientific and data-driven approach with clear performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and evaluate progress.

Over the years I experimented with probably more than a hundred different methods and techniques to train and upgrade your mind, as well as different leadership approaches and methodologies. I also incorporated technology that is helpful for training the mind, such as meditation, heart rate coherence (HRV), and neurofeedback devices, or meditation apps.

Some of them worked well, others didn’t produce the desired results.