A simple and effective method of formal Meditation

I'm presenting to you a very simple but effective way of meditation. 

This one is part of the Mindful Tech Leadership - Fundamentals training, and will covered in part 3. Those of you who are ready and committed to upgrade and train their mind in a structured and systematic way over 3-4 months - please consider this training. 

However, as many of you are asking about tips on how to meditate, I thought I share this effective and simple method here, so many can benefit from it right away. 

The meditation method is not unique or novel. There is also no "magic." It is simply a structured summary based on my many years of meditation that I found quite effective and helpful. It can be learned easily, but the mastery of applying it daily and consistently will be your challenge.

Please also consider spreading the word of our Mindful Tech Leader community to your co-worker, business leaders, and friends, who could also benefit from it. 

A brief Overview of Meditation Techniques

As a student of mindfulness over the years I experimented with many different types of meditation and meditation techniques. 

On a high level you can distinguish between guided and unguided meditations. 

In guided meditation, a teacher guides you through the basic steps of the practice, either in person or via a meditation app, video etc. Especially at the beginning guided meditations can be quite helpful to get started.

In unguided meditation, also called silent meditation, you meditate alone, without someone else explaining the process.

The method I'm teaching you is an unguided form of meditation. 

In addition, meditation can also be categorized as calming or insight meditation.

The intention of a calming meditation typically is to cultivate a quieter, more peaceful state of mind, and possibly improved focus or concentration. 

Insight meditation involves focusing on the breath and being aware of and noting all the physical and mental sensations that arise. In particular thoughts, ideas, and wisdom.

There is no "best" meditation. Simply one that works for you and is helpful for your current context and state of mind.

The method I'm teaching you is very flexible and can be used for calming, as well as for insight meditation.