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Matthias Kreuzberg

Mindfulness Expert

Mindful Leadership Coach & Trainer

Nature Bright, Jena



Nature Bright stands for experience-oriented mindful leadership coaching and training for top executives. 

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Andreas Rechter

Mindfulness or Leadership Coach / Expert

Driving sustainable people impact & Cultivating corporate mindfulness @ Vodafone 


My ambition is to inspire, develop and coach people in my company and beyond - and I see myself as a learner from my network and others to grow personally.

How I can help leaders:

- Consultancy for cultivating corporate mindfulness (e.g. employee level, leadership, collaboration, communities, culture).

· Exchange of expertise and experience (e.g. emotional intelligence, stress reduction/MBSR, leadership, mental health care).

·  Mindfulness training, impulse lecturing and coaching to develop a changed mindset and appropriate habits (preferably in German).

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Nico Czinczoll

Mindfulness or Leadership Coach / Expert

Trusted Advisor - Founder at Homecoming Academy - Managing Partner at core42 Management Consulting  


To support others in coming home to themselves - with what I have been given and where I have been put.

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Rakesh Jain

Mindfulness or Leadership Coach / Expert

Management Professor| Decision Coach| Helping Institutions make Unstructured Decisions in Covid-19 scenerio  


I want to help leaders make better decisions through integration of mindfulness, intuition and acquired wisdom.

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Niv Nowbakht

Mindful Career- and Leadership Coach

Professional Guide for Career Happiness


To support leaders to be self-aware, happy and clear on what to do next.

How can I help Leaders:

I am a Coach for Career Happiness, and help people to be happy, resilient and visionary. I used to be unhappy and frustrated in my career (Niv Then) then created a happy career for myself (Niv Now) and now offer a powerful approach to transform careers and team spirits. I am a professional coach holding a certified degree of a coaching institute. I work 1on1 and also facilitate Workshops and Events in German and English.

Seven Pillars of Mindful Leadership - Focus Areas:

My focus is especially on pillars 4,5,6 and 7.

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Amanuel Pascher

Mindfulness, Personal Coach

Expert for highly profitable online marketing FB & IG Ads  


Helping People to deal with problems easier and with more creativity.

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Orike Preuße

Mindfulness or Leadership Coach / Expert

Head of People and Organisation  


Supporting people to get conscious of unconscious actions, mind patterns, emotions, body language, disconnects so that they can chose consciously on all levels.

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