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Leadership Training and Coaching

My Mission:

Helping others with effective leadership training and coaching to becoming mindful and inspirational leaders, as well as stress resilient, to change the world using a scientific approach to Mindful Leadership, with clear performance indicators and measurable success. ​

Free Webinar: Getting Started with Mindful Leadership


In a short 9 minute video I explain and motivate, why you should care about using Mindfulness as well as Mindful Leadership to fuel your personal and leadership growth, raise your level of consciousness, and what type of results you can expect. 

In this free 20 minute Webinar, I provide an overview and guidance on how to effectively getting started on approaching the topic of Mindful Leadership.

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Comprehensive Online Course

A Novel Approach to Mindful Leadership

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I'm excited to announce my recently released online course "A Novel Approach to Mindful Leadership" (in German, now working on the English version)

This can be a truly transformative experience for you, if you're open to it!

It is well structured, more than 16+ hours of video content along with hands-on practical exercises to cultivate your consciousness and leadership growth - based on a data-driven and scientific approach. 

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Transformational Leadership Coaching

Individual or Group Coaching

I'm offering you a variety of leadership coaching formats to accelerate your personal growth and increase your leadership effectiveness for yourself and your leadership team. 

Become a better Leader by 

  • Cultivating your Consciousness Growth 

  • Upgrade your Mind: Getting rid of your limiting thoughts, false beliefs, fears, and old reactive patterns that prevent transformative growth

  • Increasing your emotional intelligence (EQ), which makes you a better collaborator and communicator

  • Deepening your ability of self awareness and self reflection, to achieve clarity on your purpose and mission

  • Make better quality decisions by strengthening and integrating your intuition 

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Transformational Training for a New Workplace

I have created a series of truly transformational training formats for:

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Toward a New Workplace

  • A Modern Leadership Introduction

  • Deep Innovation

  • Becoming Stress Resilient 


The content is unique and will accelerate your personal and leadership growth. It has also the potential to change you on a deeper and profound level if your are open to it.


It can also be customized and adopted in content and format to meet specific organizational challenges.   

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Help you fix toxic, stressful, and dysfunctional work environments 

Advisor to transform your Organization into a New Workplace

As your trusted advisor I can help you transform your organization into a New Workplace with my science based approach to Mindful Leadership

My focus areas are dealing with toxic and stressful work environments, all forms of organisational pain and dysfunction, and lack of communication as well as collaboration. This all leads to suboptimal results, and possibly even suffering among your top talent.   

My strength is mindful observation, and relying on concrete data points, as well as feedback. Based on this I can work with you and your team to come up with a systematic plan to transform your organisation into a New Workplace using proven methods that proceed measurable results.  

With my experience in digital transformation, agile methodologies, and data-science you can also take advantage of emerging technologies to increase the level of product innovation in your organization.  

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