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Offering and Services

I'm helping CTOs & technology leaders as a sparring partner to build up impactful technology organizations by providing new ideas, fresh impulses, and valuable feedback. The sparring aspect in particular has proven to be very helpful, because you also get an external and neutral perspective on things. 

As a trainer & coach I help technology leaders to upgrade their leadership capabilities by systematically setting up a mind-management practise in combination with biohacking to strengthen their capability of self awareness and self reflection, and transcend fear and stress. This leads to better quality decisions - one of the most important abilities of a successful leader. 


I achieve this using a scientific approach with clear performance indicators and measurable success. ​

How to become a better Leader? 

In a short video I motivate and explain several steps to become the better version of yourself in leadership. 


In a nutshell, to be a better leader, you have to figure out small steps every day to become more present, establishing some mind management practices, and having clarity of your mission and purpose to figure out your unique leadership principles. 

Furthermore, I also share best practices on how to apply these aspects in the workplace. Check it out!

A truly Transformative Training
10x Presence & Self-Awareness

If you commit to this 4-6 months training: absorb and understand the teachings, integrate them into your daily life by regular practice, and complete the weekly challenges, you will see a continuous rise in your level of presence, and as well significant results of transformation happening. 

The course is designed to fuel and accelerate your consciousness growth if you put in the required time and effort! 

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Mastermind Group Coaching
Join the Circle of Mindful Tech Leaders