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Leadership Training

Become a better Tech Leader

Cultivate your Consciousness Growth

Upgrade your Mind

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Choose from a Variety of Leadership Training Topics:

  • 10X Presence & Self-Awareness 
    This is a unique training based on a systematic and scientific approach to mindfulness with clear and measurable progress. Within 4-6 months increase your level of present awareness (LPA) by a factor of 10, while lowering your stress levels, take your capability of self-reflection to a new level to improve the quality of your decisions, and focus on the most essential topics that matter in your life.

  • Double your Resilience 
    When observing leaders what makes them successful, the ability of resilience is usually the one that stands out by far. It is the ability to bounce back when things get rough, being persistent in completing objectives, and having high energy levels (plus the will-power) to get things done.

    In this hands-on training, we are doubling your resilience, while decreasing your (perceived) stress levels in half over a period of 3-4 months. To accomplish this we are building on top of a strong foundation of an increased level of present awareness (LPA) that we obtain through effective training of your mind (see 10X Presence & Self-Awareness training.)

    We combine this with the latest scientific research and findings on heart-rate variability (HRV), which has been proven to be a reliable biomarker to measure your level of overall stress. You will be learning the basics on how to strengthen and optimizing your body & overall well-being by becoming more conscious when it comes to proper nutrition, restorative sleep, effective exercise, and mindfulness training using the latest technologies and digital devices (e.g., Oura ring, HeartMath, MUSE meditation, ...)

    As a result, your energy levels will reach new heights to maximize your possible contributions to this world.

  • Double-down on your Focus Areas
    Through external feedback or through the process of self reflection we will work together to identify 1-2 focus areas or topics that we want to address, which are blocking your personal and leadership growth. 

    We will usually start with this training once you have made sufficient progress on 10X Presence & Self Awareness.


  • Achieving Tech Leadership Mastery - All Levels (Team / Head / Senior )
    Building up a solid tech leadership toolbox, learning important & modern leadership capabilities, and how to successfully scale teams and tech orgs. Each leadership level (team, head, senior) comes with different objectives, challenges, and best practices to achieve results. 

    Based on my 20+ years of experience in Tech, while working in major organizations (like IBM Research, Yahoo, Zalando) or tech-startups in a variety of different contexts I compiled a toolbox with various (proven) methods, ideas, and processes that you can leverage to achieve mastery on your current leadership level.

    Or, those who are interested in being promoted to their next career level will find this training immensely helpful. 


  • The Well-functioning Leadership Team - Improve Collaboration and Communication to shape a New Workplace
    Breaking down communication silos and working together in unity as one (leadership) team. Built a modern, purposeful, and sustainable organization to positively change and impact the world! (head level, or senior leaders and their leadership team.)


And different Leadership Training Formats:

  • Exclusive 1:1 Training & Coaching 

  • Group Training & Coaching is also an option to leverage the energy and support of a group session, and mastermind with like-minded peers.

  • An introductory and inspirational presentation to your HR or Leadership Team to understand the bigger picture on how to create a New Workplace (1-2 hours) or select topics (e.g., resilience, mindful leadership)

Training can be delivered conveniently over Video (Zoom) or Onsite

In English or German


Contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone

Training for Leaders to shape a New Workplace

My training is targeted for leaders (all levels) in organizations to give them the capabilities, methods, and effective tools to create and shape a New Workplace. 

Objectives of my Leadership Training


The goal of my training (but not limited to) is to upgrade leadership capabilities by providing knowledge, growth impulses and new ideas to the leadership team, and using mindfulness leadership methodologies as a foundation and enabler. 

The nature of this training is truly transformational, if the participating leaders are open to it. It can help them to: 

  • receive new ideas and growth impulses

  • increase their level of consciousness 

  • improve their overall self-awareness and self reflection to increase the quality of their decisions

  • increase their emotional intelligence (EQ) to become better communicators and collaborators

  • achieve clarity on their essential values and mission, but also on the organizational purpose and values 

  • identify limiting thoughts or false beliefs that hold leaders back and prevent growth and transformation to happen

  • replace old habitual thought patterns with more positive and helpful ones

  • increase their level of consciousness to accelerate their personal and leadership growth 

  • optimize their body and mind to become stress resilient in order to maximize their impact in this world 

  • build a system to systematically tackle their personal growth based on a scientific and data-driven approach

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Reiner Kraft, PhD

I have more than 15+ years of experience leading high-impact technological organizations both large and small (25 years in tech), and have spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley. The past 4 years I have been working in Berlin, which also has a very diverse and vibrant startup culture.  

Furthermore, I have applied New Leadership methodologies and concepts to large organizations (such as Yahoo and Zalando), as well as startups (e.g. Yunar), and therefore collected valuable learnings and practical, hands-on experience.  


I can therefore teach you New Leadership from the view-point of a leader.

During my professional career I have built up comprehensive teaching experience to diverse audiences. For example, as a professor at University of California in Santa Cruz I have been teaching lectures and seminars and  for many years. Teaching is one of my core passions and strengths. 

Increase your Level of Present Awareness (LPA), Resilience, and Energy Levels

10X Presence & Self-Awareness

Double your Resilience

Target Audience: Leaders (all levels)

When asking leaders to prioritize where they would most likely need an immediate improvement in their work and personal life, the number one answer is typically becoming more resilient to stress or overcoming fear, while increasing their ability of self-reflection and confidence.  

If you commit to this 4-6 months training, absorb and understand the teachings, integrate them into your daily life by regular practice, and completing the weekly challenges, you will see significant results of transformation happening!

This is a unique training based on a systematic and scientific approach to mindfulness with clear and measurable progress. In particular, the goal is to 

  • Increase your level of present awareness (LPA) by a factor of 10 (basically the time you are fully aware, alert, and connected with the present moment)

  • Double your resilience, while decreasing your average stress levels in half 

  • Take your capability of self-reflection to a new level to improve the quality of your decisions, and focus on the most essential topics that matter in your life


The lessons are designed to build up your personal and leadership capabilities in a logical and structured manner. ​

I usually recommend to increase your LPA by mastering level 1 of "10X Presence & Self-Awareness", and then in parallel starting with "Double your Resilience" training.

If you're interested to learn more about this effective and truly life changing training I encourage you to contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone


Unblock and Accelerate your Personal & Leadership Growth

Double-down on Focus Areas

Target Audience: Leaders, all Levels

Once your level of present awareness (LPA) and your ability of self-reflection is improving, it is a good time to double-down and work on some focus areas that otherwise would hold you back and limit your potential growth as a leader. I offer this training typically in combination with the Mindful Tech Leadership - Fundamentals

Through external feedback and/or through the process of self reflection we will work together to identify 1-2 important focus areas or topics that we want to address. Those are topics when being addressed properly will unblock and accelerate your personal growth significantly. For example, all types of limiting or stressful thoughts, fears of a leader, micro management, perfectionism, ... are just a few instances of those focus area topics. 

Once we have identified 1-2 important focus areas, we will map them into my framework, the 7 Pillars of becoming a Mindful Leader  - a powerful system for your personal and leadership growth​.  This allows us to determine what methods, tools, and KPIs are helpful to tackle them and how to measure progress.

Typically those topics or focus areas can be mapped into those pillars: 

  1. The Mind - Clean-up and Upgrade (Pillar 2)
    Identifying and reprogramming your false beliefs by methods of continuous inquiry

  2. Toward Conscious Decisions (Pillar 3) 
    Becoming aware of your unconscious reactive thought patterns, also referred to as your “pain body”, and replacing those with conscious & quality decisions.
  3. Cultivating your "forgotten" Qualities (Pillar 4) 
    As a side-effect of your growing consciousness new qualities are emerging and your emotional intelligence is increasing. Learn how to train and cultivate these new qualities

  4. Clarity on your Purpose, essential Values, Vision, and Mission (Pillar 5)
    Strengthen your connection with yourself to determining your essential values, purpose, and mission in life

If you're interested to learn more about this effective and truly life changing training I encourage you to contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone


Become a better Leader 

Achieving Tech Leadership Mastery

Target audience: Leaders, all Levels

For junior leaders (team level), who recently started a leadership position, or are still relatively new to the topic of tech leadership, this will help you learn the basics and build up a solid tech leadership toolbox based on principles of New Tech Leadership to achieve mastery on team level to optimally support your team. Or, if you are already working in this role for a while to support your advancement to (possibly) head level as a next career step.  

For experienced leaders (head, director level), this will help you master a variety of topics related to organizational challenges you are experiencing in your daily work life., and building up a thriving leadership team, while maximizing your contributions to your senior leadership team. The goal is to help you achieve mastery on this level, or to support your advancement to a VP or CTO role (if you are already performing very proficient on this level). 

If you are a senior leader working on (S)VP or CTO level then this training will help you to achieve mastery on that level, and will focus more on how to support and maintain a flourishing leadership team, and how to build and maintain a healthy organization to shape a New Workplace. 


Or, I observed often that CTOs who founded a startup in the earlier stage of their career lack the necessary experience to scale their organization and support rapid growth (as they skipped through the usual longer career ladder in larger organization, and therefore are less experienced leading on team or org level.)

We are covering the following growth dimensions and topics (but not limited to) in sufficient depth and I will provide you with appropriate impulses, resources, and new ideas:

  1. Leading through Inspiration: Understanding your purpose, vision, mission, and your essential values  

  2. Building up Trust: Take steps towards building up a trust relationships with team members and within the leadership team

  3. Toward Autonomy and Mastery: Support your team members (or leaders) personal growth and their quest to autonomy with clear ownership and accountability

  4. Optimizing Delivery: Learn about important principles and best practices on how you can maximize the contributions and effectiveness of your team (members) and organization(s). We want to focus on meaningful and sustainable contributions, while cultivating a non-stressful and nourishing environment where your team(s) can thrive. 

  5. Clear Communication: How to build up a clear and transparent communication style within your team, org, or company, and communicating under pressure. 

  6. Setting up a Feedback Culture: This is the foundation how you can systematically grow and support your team by giving and receiving feedback. 

  7. The Purposeful Organization: Aligning individual, team, and organizational purpose to maximize productivity and happiness in the teams 

  8. Managing Change: Support your team through rapid and ongoing changes 

  9. Mindful Performance Management: Setting up a culture of high performance, but doing this in a mindful way with sufficient emphasis and balance on values

  10. Mindful Leadership: Understand how certain aspects of mindful leadership can take your leadership capabilities to a new level 

When it comes to building a flourishing and successful leadership team, there are the following aspects to consider that helped me in the past:

  • How to ensure you have the best leaders in your team 

  • How to maximize communication & collaboration within the team to prevent silos 

  • How to set high standards for performance and delivery of results, while instilling a mindset of of balanced focus with the motto of "doing less, but better"

  • How to create a shared and compelling vision, mission, & purpose that the team believes in, and how to reinforce it in an ongoing manner

  • How to establish clear ownership and accountability within the team

  • How to lead by example living the company's values and integrate it into the decision making 

  • How to build up an open feedback culture within the team to leverage different perspectives and benefit from diversity of ideas 

  • How to continuously inspire the team by being an authentic leader and leading with presence

  • How to regularly involve your team in strategic planning

  • How to gradually migrate into a data-driven decision making mindset 

  • How to support and coach your leadership team in their journey of personal & leadership growth to achieve mastery

  • How to setup a safe and trusting environment that encourages failure, rapid experimentation and learning

  • How to establish shared leadership principles based on aspects of mindfulness 

Contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone


The Well-functioning Leadership Team

Improve Collaboration and Communication to shape a New Workplace  

Target audience: head level, or senior leaders and their leadership team

The most common dysfunction of a team or organization is the lack of communication and collaboration. This severely affects the output and deliverables, producing sub-optimal results. 

We can observe this behavior on a team level, where because of a lack of communication or trust, the team is not functioning well.


Or, on an organization level, where leaders of different teams or business units, who are supposed to collaborate together as one virtual (leadership) team instead prefer to work in silos, not leveraging each other's capabilities and resources. 

To address these problems in both scenarios, I devised a novel team building approach based on mindful leadership methodologies, that focuses on increasing collaboration, and opening up communication to a new level to create a team that truly acts as one team.  

The training and process is designed to work over a time-frame of 6-9 months.


In the first 3-months we are focusing on laying the groundwork, providing the necessary training, leadership training and coaching, and collaboratively establishing common principles of collaboration and communication.

In the following 3-6 months we apply and live these new principles, measure our progress, and course-correct fast if needed to achieve an optimal mode of collaboration.  

The training will be focusing on aspects of Mindful Leadership to build up a the necessary leadership capabilities:  

  • We are using an approach based on mindfulness to cultivate consciousness growth for the participants, to help them train their mind, and learn several proven methods to increase their self-awareness and self-reflection capabilities (MIndful Tech Leadership Fundamentals)

  • We achieve a better quality of communication through increasing emotional intelligence (EQ) in each participant. 


This is achieved by providing training material and videos for self study, combined with bi-weekly group coaching sessions, to deepen their knowledge, provide guidance, clarify questions, and ensure fast as well as steady progress. 

In addition, the team will collaborate together on crafting a proposal to establish principles on collaboration, communication, and leadership on how to work together as one team.

In my role as a trainer I will challenge the participants, and provide impulses and ideas that strengthen the proposal. In the proposal the team will also come up with clear performance indicators (KPIs) on how to evaluate and measure progress. 

In my training, we deal with the following New Workplace dimensions and topics in sufficient depth and I will give you the appropriate impulses and new ideas. You can then use them directly in your company:


  • Clarity about the meaning and purpose, your mission and the values ​​in your company: The most important question that every entrepreneur and manager should think about is: Why are we doing this here at all? What values ​​are important to us and what is our mission to make a positive contribution to this planet? It is about creating clarity about the meaning and purpose, the vision, and how we get there in order to achieve sustainable positive change on this planet - and to do it authentically.

  • Clear communication: Many companies have a confused and non-transparent culture of communication. Important information is not clearly formulated or obscured in powerful meaningless PowerPoint slides. The New Workplace is defined by a clear and simple communication strategy with principles that facilitate collaboration and that everyone has quick and easy access to important information.

  • Organizational Health: How do you ensure that your teams are "healthy" and that there is harmony and unity in the company instead of unnecessary power struggles and stress that makes life difficult for everyone? How can you quickly learn about problems and shortcomings and then have a basis to be able to offer targeted support when it "burns". I would like to introduce you to a comprehensive Team & Organizational Health system that can be adapted to your company and grow with you.

  • Building a mindful performance culture: How can you build a high-performance culture by cultivating trust and clearly delineating responsibilities, where everyone does their best? Systematic feedback and honesty in self-reflection is a very powerful tool. In addition, we want to emphasize values while balancing results to achieve a truly mindful performance culture that does not show the typical toxic systems of a results-driven performance culture. 

  • Autonomy, Purpose and Mastery: How can you build a culture of the "self-regulating" company that is based on decentralized authorities and does not require micromanagement? How do you ensure that everyone in the company can grow personally, and that the company also grows faster?

  • The scalable and adaptable organization: The state of continuous change is the normal state. A company is also designed for growth. Everything is constantly changing. How can you still build a team structure that automatically adapts to the constant changes, working towards the goals, but also offering the necessary stability and support for everyone?

  • Set up a data-driven system with clear KPIs: To systematically track and determine your progress.

Once the proposal has been reviewed and agreed upon. the changes will be rapidly implemented, and there will be monthly check ins. Group coaching sessions will continue one a monthly-interval (or ad-hoc if needed), and focusing on current challenges encountered during the implementation phase. Progress will be evaluated on a regular basis, and modifications made if needed. 

Contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone


Leadership Training to create a New Workplace

How do we work Together?

If you are a HR leader or part of the senior management team of an organization:

I'm flexible and can adapt the training formats to your specific organizational and business needs. 

To get started I recommend an introductory get-to-know meeting to understand your business objectives and goals. 

You can conveniently schedule on here

Based on the feedback and outcome of the introductory session and your training needs we can schedule a follow-up meeting and continue our discussion during a one-hour strategy session to identify the most effective training plan and setup. 


As a result of this session I compile a high level proposal and offer (1-pager). 


We will then set aside some time to discuss and review the proposal. After that you can decide whether you want to proceed or not.  

Once we start working together I may suggest having additional meetings with a few leaders in your organization in order to get a better understanding of your organizational context, as well as getting to know the leaders and collaboration dynamics. 

To maximize the impact and value I can generate in your leadership team I'm usually looking for a longer term business relationship. During a longer collaboration and business relationship I get to know better your needs, the people in your organization, and the most important objectives.   

Given my own timing constraints and other obligations, I can typically support only a few organizations at once in the role of a trainer and sparring partner.  

We can conveniently connect online (over Zoom), or onsite if feasible (please note I currently live in Berlin).

Currently I'm offering training that is targeted for leaders at all levels (team level, head level, VP or C-level), HR leaders & experts, as well as business professionals (e.g., product managers) and innovators.

Contact me to setup a (free) 30 minute introductory get-to-know Call over Video or Phone

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