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The High-Performance Mind Labs

To complement our training programs, we are soon launching The High-Performance Mind - Labs, a very effective opportunity to upgrade your mind using the latest science and cutting edge technology in an individualized setting (up to 2 participants) for those who are fully committed to make their brain health & performance a priority and take it to the next level

During an assessment day, we will analyze your brain's overall status and performance and create a map of your brain, along with a real-time view of your brain waves. 

Based on that, we suggest effective neurofeedback training (two-day units) combined with optimal nutrition and relevant supplements (nootropics) to support your mind-management practice, which leads to the ultimate high-performance mind.


For optimal results, we recommend doing the assessment day and 2 training units in one quarter while going through our 12-week The High-Performance Mind training. 


"Investing in optimizing and upgrading your mind and brain will give you the most impactful results in your personal, as well as business life."

- Reiner Kraft, PhD

Reiner Kraft, PhD

The Ultimate Brain Upgrade is Now Possible and in Reach

The Mindful Leader Labs allows you to immerse in an intensive training experience in a small group and individualized setting of up to 2 participants. This ensures that we can fully focus on your personal situation and objectives. 

We will use a combination of the latest cutting-edge neurofeedback science and technologies to assess your current brain baseline and its performance to develop a personalized plan to support optimal brain training.


There are only a few select places in the world that provide this unique combination of training your mind and brain, along with a program to systematically upgrade your mind through the latest neuroscience tech, nutrition, and relevant micronutrients. We're centrally located in Germany near Frankfurt am Main, in a relaxing and tranquil countryside setting where you can fully focus on yourself during the training.


A Map of Your Brain

Using the latest science and cutting-edge technology allows us to effectively map and train your brain. First, we create a brain map (QEEG) that shows how your brain is currently wired. This allows our neurofeedback specialist to design a customized protocol that supports your objectives.

In addition, we measure your baseline brain performance by utilizing event-related potentials, or ERPs, to make temporally accurate measurements of brain performance and reactiveness.


ERPs are well-researched markers and provide easy to interpret metrics invaluable for our neurofeedback experts when interested in optimizing your brain performance.


Grow a Healthier Brain

You will learn and experience optimal nutrition for your brain, as a private chef will serve you delicious and optimally nutritious meals for lunch and dinner. We feature the Bulletproof Diet, which has delivered proven positive results to millions of people using the latest nutritional science findings.

To maximize brain performance, you’ll also learn about relevant supplements and nootropics that will further increase your overall cognitive performance. 


Using laser spectronomy, we will also do a baseline assessment on your overall status of minerals, vitamins, and toxic heavy metals so that you have complete information to determine how to compensate for deficiencies effectively.

Bulletproof Diet

Benefits of a High-Performance Mind

Improved Decision-Making

Spring Cleanup for Your Mind

Increased IQ and EQ

As you are starting to train your mind using the latest technology and findings in neuroscience, your brain will massively create new connections through a process called neuroplasticity, and the number of neurons will also increase. This will lead to improved executive function in your prefrontal cortex, which directly impacts the clarity and quality of your decision-making. 

As you’ve grown up from early childhood, a lot of mental clutter has been accumulated. Possible negative experiences are still stored in your sub- and unconscious mind. This drains your energy unnecessarily and introduces an invisible bias in your decision-making. Through a combination of coaching and neurofeedback training, you are learning an effective process to start a systematic and effective clean-up of your mind, resulting in increased energy levels that can be used now for productive purposes. You will also feel lighter with every old and stale pattern that has been removed from your outdated programming.

There is clear evidence through research that neurofeedback has a positive impact on increasing your IQ, cognitive function, as well as your EQ. You will see a measurement of your brain performance before starting the program, and later on, this baseline can be used as a reference to see changes over time objectively. Increased IQ and EQ impacts all aspects of your communication and collaboration with others, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Deeper Relationships

As your emotional intelligence increases through the training, the quality of your relationships will also benefit from it. This affects both people you work with, but also close family and friends. Think about it as a new version of yourself, with increased levels of compassion and empathy. As your level of present awareness (LPA) is rising, and you are gradually setting up regular mind-management practices supported by the latest neuro- and biofeedback training, you are positively affecting the people whose lives you touch. 

Mind Processing Speed

Get Results Now

That leads to increased processing speed, as well as an overall improvement within your executive brain functions that control decision-making and provide the foundation of your cognitive abilities

Why wait to gain all these benefits by practicing mind-management and meditation over many years or decades? The program supported through the latest technology and findings in neuroscience provides you with an effective and efficient process to see results very quickly. Over the 12-week training program, you will measure and evaluate those improvements for yourself and be quite amazed at what can be achieved in a short amount of time. 

Important KPIs to measure Success

To validate your progress, these are (some of) the important KPIs you will learn how to start tracking, monitoring, and strategies on how to improve them systematically:


Brain Performance

We are utilizing event-related potentials, or ERPs, to make temporally accurate measurements of brain performance and reactiveness. ERPs are well-researched markers and provide easy to interpret metrics that are invaluable when assessing overall brain performance.


Brain Waves Status

Through Electroencephalography (EEG), which is the process of measuring the brain’s electrical activity through the scalp, we are assessing the different frequencies of brain waves (e.g., alpha, beta, theta, delta) in real-time, to determine the best strategy going forward on achieving a high-performance mind.


Biomarkers for Your Brain Health

Using laser spectronomy, we can quickly analyze the status of essential micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, and heavy metal toxins in your body. In addition, through an EAV analysis, we can measure your body's overall self-regulation status.


HRV and galvanic Skin Response

It has been shown that heart rate variability (HRV) is an effective method for measuring the status of your autonomic nervous system. We are introducing you to HeartMath training to help you train and optimize your HRV and galvanic skin response levels over time. As your body gains back its self-regulation ability, this will have a positive effect on decreasing your stress while increasing your levels of resilience.

For Whom is this Brain Upgrade Training relevant?

The program is developed for business and tech leaders who want to complement their mind-management and/or biohacking practice to achieve ultimate  brain health and performance states, while deepening their meditation quality and achieving higher states of consciousness.   

It can be conveniently integrated through effective 2-day training & deep-dive sessions over the year to ensure maximum effectiveness of obtained results. 

Tech Leadership

Located in a Central and Tranquil Location

The High-Performance Mind Labs are located in a tranquil and countryside setting near the Lahn river, just about 60km North of Frankfurt, Germany. It therefore can be reached conveniently by plane, train, bus, or car. 

This allows you to relax and enjoy nature during your stay. For example, go for a hike through the meadows or forest in the morning or evening. 

There are quality hotels nearby based on your preferences. 


We recommend getting started with a baseline 1-day assessment.

Based on this, we propose an optimized training plan to upgrade your brain and mind. You can choose convenient 2-day training blocks, optimally 1-2 per quarter until you have reached your goals, or use an occasional training block to maintain your brain performance. 

1-day Baseline Assessment & Strategy

Getting Started

1-day Baseline Assessment & Strategy

Brain map, performance, and brain waves baseline, overall status of the body in terms of micronutrients, toxic heavy metals, and self-regulation capabilities, demo of advanced biohacking options. Based on the results of this comprehensive analysis we will suggest a strategy to optimize your training progress.

  • A brain map (QEEG) provides insights into how your brain works, revealing its strengths and weaknesses. This will be used to create a personalized training program to optimize training results. 

  • Brain performance (ERP) will be used to make temporally accurate measurements of brain performance and reactiveness, and acts as a baseline to compare progress over time. 

  • Brain waves baseline (alpha training, skin resistance) allows you to visualize your brain wave patterns in real-time, and then train those specifically so that you can learn the ability to change them on-demand as needed to achieve high states of performance. 

  • Performing a cell check using laser spectronomy to determine the status of micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, and toxic heavy metals to create a personalized plan to allow you to train more effectively 

  • Psychophysiologic assessment using galvanic skin response, respiration rate and other body parameters evaluates the balance of your autonomic nerve system electrocardiogram, and heart rate variability (HRV)

  • Analysis of self-regulating systems (EAV) in the body to support a healthy brain and to determine weaknesses in your body’s self-regulation that may negatively affect your brain performance, with suggestions on how to mitigate them.  

  • Demo of advanced biohacking equipment and therapy options (e.g., IHHT, Biocharger, NIR, NanoVI, …) to further upgrade your mind and body.

  • Optional: DNA Analysis to obtain the blueprint of your body and use it to  optimize your training, as well as food and supplement adjustments to optimally support your genes. 

2-days Intense Neurofeedback Training and Deep Dive

Training unit

2-days Intense Neurofeedback Training and Deep Dive

Once you have completed the initial 1-day assessment and diagnostics, you are ready to start your training leveraging cutting-edge technology. 


Take advantage of these 2 days of life-changing Neurofeedback training with 3D Loreta Neurofeeback Brain Map and Brain Surfer based on 1000+ variables and brain network analysis using one of the world's best qEEG brain-computer systems to optimize performance and cognitive efficiency. 
The daily program includes (but will be optimized based on your assessment):

  • Two intensive neurofeedback sessions to train your alpha brain waves, plus debrief and group coaching in a small group setting. 

  • One slow cortical potentials (SCP) training to increase the brain’s self-regulation mechanisms.  

  • One CAP QEEG training session to further increase focus, memory, and your brain’s processing speed. 

  • Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback and galvanic skin response training  to induce a state of deep relaxation.

What is included in the High-Performance Mind - Lab Training Program?

There will be a detailed report outlining the analysis results and completed training, along with a comprehensive and optimized training plan to upgrade your mind and brain.

Similar to our 12-week The High-Performance Mind training, we use a data-driven and scientific approach to mind-management and biohacking will enable you to evaluate and measure progress. You will be able to add new biomarkers related to brain health and performance to your own KPI cockpit and feedback loop to learn and quickly iterate on improvements.

During each lab day 

  • There will be a welcome meeting with Reiner Kraft, Ph.D. & meet the team 

  • Delicious meals (lunch, dinner) based on the Bulletproof diet to optimize your health and energy levels

  • Debrief meeting after each session

  • During the day, you have the option to try out relevant supplements to increase the success of your training

Each day will be packed with training and exercises, so we recommend clearing out your schedule completely and disconnecting from the network by not using your smartphone and letting go of all tech for the duration of your stay. Also, we recommend not drinking any coffee (caffeine) starting one week prior to the training, during, and then at least one week after the training.

In the evening, we recommend a short hike in nature to recharge your energy levels and prepare for a relaxing sleep.

Your Optimal Companion for the 12-week Training Program "The High-Performance Mind"

We have devised a unique training program - the High-Performance Mind - where you could amplify your results by pairing it with some lab days. Here are some ideas:

1) Use an assessment  & strategy day at the beginning of the 12-week training to better determine a baseline for your mind and brain. This way, you will know particular focus areas that could accelerate your progress. 

2) Add a 2-day block of lab training during month 2 of the training to accelerate your progress. 

3) Do 1) and 2) 

4) Do 1) at the beginning of the 12-week training, followed immediately by a 2-day training block. Then add a second training block during month 3 of your training. 

These are just examples. We would work with you to determine the best strategy based on your objectives and budget. 

Meet the Team


Reiner Kraft, PhD

Reiner has more than 15+ years of experience leading high-impact technological organizations, both large and small, and has spent 20 years in Silicon Valley.


His passion for technology, research, and innovation made him a top inventor and innovator, recognized as a member of TR100 from the prestigious MIT Technology Review alongside other now-famous nominees, such as Larry Page (Google) and Jerry Yang (Yahoo).


As a trained computer scientist, Reiner got intrigued in the past 10 years about the combination of mind-management and biohacking to upgrade body and mind. He studied mindfulness, meditation, functional medicine, micronutrients, and epigenetics while working with subject experts in these fields. He applied these new concepts when building large-scale organizations at Zalando in Berlin.

Reiner is a certified Human Potential Coach (HPI), a member of Dave Asprey’s Upgrade Collective, a certified micronutrients coach (Biogena), and practices bioresonance methods (EAV) for the body's self-regulation analysis as well.

Bertram Reinberg

Bertram Reinberg (Dipl.-Ing.)

Bettina Kraft

Bettina Kraft

Bettina Kraft is an interior designer, married to Reiner for 25 years, and has a passion for creating a balanced lifestyle that brings out the beauty in everything. She will be your personal chef, providing you with delicious and nutritious meals Bulletproof Style inspired by Californian cuisine. 

Tiara Suwarno

Tiara Suwarno

Tiara is responsible for giving overall support to the High-Performance Mind Labs, coordinating and managing the program schedule, guiding the interconnected projects within The Mindful Leader programs to success. In addition, she ensures the customers and teams are collaborating throughout the process to achieve the program goals.

Nicolaj Grabert

Nicolaj Grabert

Nicolajs oversees sales and business development. His passion are transformational journey of people that want to discover themselves.

By creating programs for 7 years and making them accessible to a wide range of people, he has a proven record in creating transformational journeys and helping people to find those.


Nicolaj is also into biohacking for 4 years and started to investigate the depth of mind performance practices since the past 3 years. He has two sons, is together with the love of his life and in winter time you can find him taking a bath in the lake next to his door.

Bertram holds a degree in biomedical electronics from the Technische Universität Berlin. He worked as a hardware development engineer in medical testing technology, as a software expert in telecom network management  and as a project manager in the telematic sector.


He completed a comprehensive biofeedback curriculum of the German Society for Biofeedback and got certified. Bertram also took part in numerous advanced training courses in biofeedback and neurofeedback in Europe and the USA with renowned experts (including Prof. Eric Peper, Prof. Joel Lubar, Prof. Robert Thatcher, Prof. Frederic Shaffer, Prof. Paul Lehrer, Prof. Donald Moss, Prof. Kuno Hottenroth). 


Bertram has been the technology contact for the German Society for Biofeedback for 12 years ( He offers biofeedback, neurofeedback and neuromeditation in a psychotherapeutic praxis in Berlin.

Request your free exploratory Get-to-Know Call 

Use the High-Performance Mind Labs Training to achieve maximum impact to upgrade your mind and brain health.

Use the form to schedule a free exploratory get-to-know meeting to find out if this training program is the right fit for you.

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