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Audacious Goals & Initiatives 


Below is a list of my current goals and initiatives. They are there as a guiding North Star and source of inspiration.  

Each of them has the potential to raise collective consciousness significantly on this planet!

Join me!

Transform 10+ Million Leaders


There are around 200+ million businesses in the world, with an estimated 10+ million leaders, most of which are ignorant to the benefits of conscious leading and compassion. Imagine if most of these leaders would embrace mindful leadership to transform their companies! This would raise collective consciousness significantly on this planet!

Please join and help me to transform leadership in organizations by applying the 12 Mindful Leadership Principles!


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Change One Billion Thoughts


We all have limiting thoughts and beliefs that we believe are true. However, when reflecting deeply, you'll identify these limits are mere illusions, created subconsciously by your ego to avoid the burdens of responsibility and growth. Only through identifying and confronting these self-imposed limits will you truly take charge of your life and lead a life of fulfillment, truth and no boundaries. 

Please join me in my quest to touch and transform the lives of 1 billion people!


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Share 3 Transformative Ideas per Day


When was the last time someone gave you a powerful idea which made you take action? A simple yet effective habit I have developed to ensure that the impulses and critical thoughts which come to my mind throughout the day find purpose and meaning in others' lives is the daily creation of an impulse list. Every day, I make an effort to write down 3 different sentences describing criticism, ideas or feedback regarding another person, object, or situation, which I then share with them. Although this may seem quite unspectacular, this results in the output of 90 different constructive ideas in the span of a month.

Please join me and to make the world a better place! 


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In a gentle way, you can shake the world
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