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CTO Mastermind

A Program that makes it Easy to Tap into the Collective Brain Power of Experienced Peers

Connect, mastermind, and exchange best practices on building purposeful organizations

Join us in a small and exclusive group setting, hosted by Reiner Kraft, PhD with experienced global tech leaders to

  • Exchange best practices on modern tech leadership 

  • Make powerful connections within a diverse group of global senior tech leaders from the US, Europe, and Asia 

  • Mastermind and find a like-minded sparring partner

  • Tap into the collective brainpower of like-minded peers facing similar challenges and collaboratively find innovative solutions

  • Small group setting of 5-6 tech leaders per mastermind group to enjoy quality discussions

  • Access the community platform and app to keep the masterminding and discussions going between our monthly meetups

  • Connect with more than 400+ of your peers, discuss your priorities, ask questions and launch surveys to get quick answers from your colleagues.  

  • Unlock your fullest potential to shape a new workplace


Eligibility & Requirements: 

  • Working in a senior tech leadership role (e.g., Director / VP / SVP of engineering, CTO) and demonstrated tech leadership experience (10+ years for Senior & Experienced track) building impactful organizations

  • A strong commitment to your own personal and leadership growth, as well as being a mentor to support others on their journey of achieving leadership mastery.

  • An interest and openness in modern leadership methodologies (e.g., mindful leadership, conscious leadership)

What you will get: 

  • Participate in the monthly CTO Mastermind meetups (90 minutes) hosted by Reiner Kraft, PhD

  • Access to premium content in the form of teachings from Reiner Kraft, PhD and other experts in the areas of new leadership methodologies 

  • Access to our Mindful Tech Leader platform that facilitates private chat and message rooms with other participants to network and mastermind without the “LinkedIn noise”

  • Set aside 15-30 minutes per week for ongoing masterminding and exchange with the group members using the platform. You share your most important challenges and give back by contributing to the group with your expertise and unique perspective. 

  • We make it convenient and easy for you to participate in a high-caliber tech leadership mastermind group. 

It is all about making the right choices ...  

As a tech leader working in a senior position, it is all about making the right choices.

When talking with experienced leaders, many of them told me the same thing: 

“Every day I have to make strategic decisions with great impact on the business, and I don't know who to compare myself to. How do I know if I'm making the right choices? Has anyone before me already had the same problems?”

As seasoned tech leaders we know that it is much easier to grow "on the shoulders of giants" than to reinvent the wheel every time.

This motivated me to incubate the CTO Mastermind program: A platform and process that makes it easy to tap into the collective brain power of experienced peers.

Explore the Community and Platform for Free:

A few years ago, I incubated The Mindful Tech Leader community: A place where global tech leaders and high-impact individual contributors within tech can hang out and connect with like-minded peers. 

Today with more than 400+ members the community has become the reference for global tech leaders embracing new leadership methodologies to build impactful organizations and shape a new workplace.


Access to the community is free, and we invite you to explore it. This gives you a glimpse of the diversity of our members and the networking as well as the masterminding opportunities. 

For example, you can browse the member directory, and start a discussion on your popular topics. 


If you are ready to join the CTO Mastermind program, you can easily do that with the links below.  





Join and Apply Now for the CTO Mastermind program:

I encourage you to apply to the CTO Mastermind program. We are currently accepting applications. 

Space is extremely limited; a monthly subscription with an introductory rate (125 Euro / $140 USD) to the CTO Mastermind group is required to participate. Can be canceled at any time.

This investment is marginal compared to the potential output or results you'll achieve. Compare this for example to the cost of an external technical advisor or executive coach, which can easily cost 10x or more!









Key Benefits of Participating in the CTO Mastermind Group: 

  • You'll share challenges and Success: It’s easier to overcome challenges when you have the support and council of people you respect. The benefits begin with the process of sharing.

  • You'll get immediate, high-quality feedback: You can minimize the time you spend working unproductively by listening to feedback on a regular basis. Avoid costly mistakes. Good feedback is invaluable! 

  • You'll get new insights and new ideas: Use the CTO Mastermind group as a source for brainstorming new ideas.

  • You'll get help making timely decisions: Your CTO Mastermind group is particular valuable when you need to make timely decisions. 

  • You'll accelerate growth through extra accountability: People who are attracted to mastermind groups care deeply about helping other motivated people to succeed at their goals. This results in a high level of support and accountability.

  • You can mastermind on an ongoing basis: Have quality and deep discussions in the monthly 90-minute mastermind sessions or use our platform to mastermind off-line to keep the discussion going. 

Join and Apply Now:

After you have applied to gain access to this group and we have reviewed your eligibility, you can start accessing premium content and start collaborating with other senior tech leaders who are strongly committed to their personal and leadership growth.

Upcoming CTO Mastermind Meetups: ​


Senior & Experienced Track:

Questions & Answers: ​

  • Why is the CTO Mastermind offered at this low introductory rate?
    We want to offer you the CTO Mastermind and a very competitive rate and to make it a "no-brainer" for you to sign-up. Given the potential value the monthly subscription investment is marginal when compared to the potential results and outcome.
  • Why is it not free?
    Running a comprehensive program like this requires significant resources. In addition, our experience is that those tech leaders who pay the small monthly subscription fee are more committed to contributing to the group and are also more engaged.
  • Why is it in English?
    We are a global community and haven chose English as our primary language of communication.
  • What is the format of this CTO Mastermind group?
    We have a monthly (virtual) meetup up to 90 minutes. In addition, we use our community platform to engage in continuous masterminding. This combination has proven to be very effective.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Besides the monthly 90-minute meetup we expect each members sets aside up to 30 minutes per week for masterminding using our platform: To post current challenges, share an important resource, or contribute answers to others challenges posted to keep the masterminding process going.
  • Why is the CTO Mastermind a process?
    It is a process to gradually get to know your peers and get into a collaboration style that works well. Therefore give yourself at least 3-4 months within this process to optimize your contributions and the value you'll receive from the ongoing masterminding process.
  • When can I join?
    You can join anytime.
  • What is the difference between sparring and the CTO Mastermind group?
    Sparring is also possible within the mastermind group. It is an exchange of best practises and ideas in a 1:1 setup. Masterminding however is a one-to-many setup. This allows you to tap into the collective brain power of a group. Therefore the potential results you'll obtain can be much higher.
  • What problems and challenges can I bring into the group?
    This is all up to you! The challenges you face every day are complex and decisive: from managing the development team, to defining the technology stack, to relations with the business. The success of your tech product is your responsibility: it is natural to have doubts, uncertainties or need an external opinion. Use this platform to positively impact your work!
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    You can cancel anytime. However, we recommend to stick with the group for at least 3-4 months to let its value fully unfold. Also ensure you set aside some time every week to contribute to the masterminding process.
  • How do I qualify for the Senior & Experienced track
    You have to work in a senior tech leader position, have a strong technical background, and demonstrated at least 10+ years of tech leadership experience. If in doubt, please contact us and we will review your qualification for this senior track.
  • Who are the other members of the group?
    You can join the group by signing up using the link(s) above to have full access and get to know your peers. It is a diverse and global group, and each member has to meet the qualifications for the corresponding track. To get you a flavor of the caliber of individuals we encourage you to join the community for free (see link above) and browse the member directory. This will give you a glimpse of who has already joined.
  • What about confidentiality?
    Within our group the motto "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" fully applies. In addition, we encourage members to use common sense when talking about business internal or other sensitive topics.

Felix Eichler

CTO & Co-Founder @ Userlane

Reiner helped me to build up a higher level of awareness and it changed my life. His course on mindful tech leadership is still inspiring me to this day. It combines data and science-driven approaches, helps to build powerful habits, and enables you to be a more empathetic leader.


Ivan Miletic

CTO & Co-Founder @ Zizooboats GmbH

Reiner is a true tech veteran who has helped me greatly on a number of fronts. He has introduced me to mindfulness through his Mindful Leadership Training, which have noticeably improved me in areas of resilience, decision making and focus. Being new to this topic, I appreciated the very structured and scientific approach. More importantly however, he has made me a better tech leader by conveying his his vast experience via sparring sessions and leadership trainings. He has helped me scale a tech. organization with best practices, new methodologies, and at the end of the day, great guidance and advice. I super appreciate working with him.


Pavel Kilovatiy

VP Engineering @ Beamery

If you like to figure out how to develop your cognitive resiliency - ability to focus under sustained pressure then Reiner's Mindful Leadership training programme will certainly help you. Reiner draws on his first hand experience in scaling world-class engineering organisation as well as individual training programme. Highly recommended for senior technical leaders (CTO/VPEs/Director level).


Boris Diebold

CTO @  Heyjobs

Sometimes you have these kind of learnings and experiences that elevate you to the next level...

Reiner´s intensive High Performance Mind course that i completed a few weeks ago has been one of these for me.

As an experienced tech leader, coach and biohacker he has a wealth of experience to share that otherwise would have taken me another 10 years to make.

He cuts through a lot of diverse and important material on the subject while being very practical on how to select the right methods, processes, tools and hardware.

His approach is based on getting diverse metrics set up to guide improvements, avoiding all the mumbo-jumbo vocabulary about mindfulness and explaining everything in crisp and clear engineering wording. 

​During our collaboration experienced several "breakthrough" moments that impacted both my business as well as my private life significantly.

Testimonials of Tech Leaders

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