Your Trusted Advisor along your Journey

Leading and Guiding your Organization and Teams through my Leadership Experience   

My Mission:


  • Constructing thriving teams and purposeful organizations with meaningful and sustainable impact.

  • Foster Deep Innovation in the New Workplace.

  • Helping others become stress-resilient, mindful and inspirational leaders capable of changing the world through a data-driven and scientific approach!

As your trusted advisor I can help you transform your organization into a Conscious Business with my principles of Mindful Leadership.

In our collaboration you will receive: 

  • Suggestions on how to systematically foster research and innovation in your teams 

  • Fresh ideas and growth impulses for yourself, your leadership team and your organization 

  • Guidance on how to grow and scale your organization

  • Practical steps to transform your company toward an agile mindset

  • Methods to achieve clarity on your companie's purpose, vision, mission, and values

  • Tips on how to increase trust among employees and make the health of your teams a priority

  • Principles on how to implement mindful leadership in your leadership team to increase the level of collaboration, harmony, and unity in your organization 

  • Clear KPIs that measure the progress of our work together 

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If you're a leader, I could become your sparring partner and trusted advisor to help you:

- Build up organizations based on the principles of purpose, clear values, mastery, and autonomy

- Using latest agile methodologies to iterate quickly on learnings

- Amidst rapid change help you scale organizations on an ongoing basis as your business growths 

- Ensure teams are healthy and focus on collaboration and values of unity


- Apply Mindful Leadership principles to your leadership team to increase their overall leadership capabilities and effectiveness


- Implement a sound organizational setup where research and innovation can thrive, and impact your products in a powerful way, by aligning short-term tactical business needs with long-term strategic objectives 

- help your company to be on the fore-front of technology by understanding and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), and transfer it into an executable strategy 

Reiner Kraft, PhD

I have more than 15+ years of experience leading high-impact technological organizations both large and small, and have spent 20 years in the Silicon Valley. The past 4 years I have been working in Berlin, which also has a very diverse and vibrant startup culture.  

Furthermore, I have worked in larger company setups  (such as Yahoo and Zalando), as well as startups (e.g. Yunar), and therefore collected valuable learnings and practical, hands-on leadership experience. I have shown that I can scale your business from a small team size to large organizations comprising 400+ employees.

In addition, during my 20 years in Silicon Valley, I was one of the most prolific inventors in the area, filing more than 120 patent applications with the US Patent Office. Both IBM Research and Yahoo recognized me as a Master Inventor, and the prestigious MIT Technology Review (TR 100) in 2003 also nominated me as a top innovator under the age of 30, alongside other now-famous nominees, such as Larry Page (Google) and Jerry Yang (Yahoo).

Last but not least, I have a proven track-record of building up and balancing long-term strategic research (Zalando Research) with short-term tactical product requirements. This way products can benefit from the latest technology developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.  

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How will we work together?

Before we start our collaboration I will set aside enough time with you to get to know your context, challenges, and overall goals. The result then will be a one-pager that includes a proposal, which outlines our focus areas and common objectives. 

If you would like to move forward then, we will setup an advisor contract.

To fully understand your organization and context, and to make effective suggestions, I usually plan to emerge myself full-time into your organization for at least 1-2 weeks and meet as many relevant people as possible.  It is about listening and mindfully observing. 

I would bill you on a monthly basis based on the number of days I worked per month plus expenses (if any). 

I'll work in your office or remote based on business needs.  

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